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  3. Thanks Jo Ann. I will try a different notification setting and see if that works.
  4. Helen, Check your notification settings. You may need to change something there if you're not getting the same notifications that you received previously. @Helen T.
  5. I haven't been receiving any notices and decided to find out why. Will we still be getting emails notifications?
  6. Is there a pattern for this design shown above? It would be perfect for my quilt! Thanks!
  7. From the album Jo Ann Gruber

    © 2017 Jo Ann Gruber

  8. From the album Jo Ann Gruber

    © 2017 Jo Ann Gruber

  9. From the album Jo Ann Gruber

    © 2017 Jo Ann Gruber

  10. Whoa-I just got back from vacation and holy cow nothing looks the same, LOL I couldn't figure out why it made me login as I never logged I get it! I am kinda tired, hopefully tomorrow things won't look so scary!!
  11. Yes, I'm aware of that. What I should have said was that "looking in to adding that security" was what was on my list.
  12. Whenever you go to a web site and the site address (URL) is http://, it is not an encrypted and secure web site. Only sites with address beginning https:// are encrypted and considered secure, provided the site is using a valid SSL certificate. I know this may be a bit technical, but no site beginning with just http:// is ever secure. Please keep that in mind, whenever visiting sites on the web.
  13. I thought i replied to this on my phone, but I must have missed a step, LOL I saw that security warning, too, and it's on my list to look in to.
  14. Perfect. thank you Jo Ann. Looks like I'm good to go.
  15. Peggy, If you're able to post a comment, your log in was successful.
  16. Wow. It sure looks different! And yet the same. When I signed in, it said that this is not a secure site. I'm assuming it is! If we can comment here, does that mean that our log in was successful?
  17. Thanks Suzanne, looking good!
  18. Looks good so far, Suzanne! Thanks for doing this.
  19. The MQR Forums are currently under construction as we have upgraded to the most recent version of the forum software. The forum software is still doing some behind the scenes work, so some things might not be working the way you expect (such as viewing Unread Content). The upgrade changed the way you log in -- instead of using the "username" you might have saved, you need to login with your DISPLAY NAME or your EMAIL ADDRESS. If you can't login (because you can't remember you display name or because your email address was out of date) please contact Suzanne (
  20. From the album litemotif

    This beauty was began by my sweet daughter-in-law's grandmother years ago. Mrs. Matthews passed away at 100 years old. I was given pieces of this quilt to "do something with". I didnot remove any of her stitching but was able to finish this small throw size quilt for my daughter in law to cherish. From the few remaining pieces I was able to make pin cushions for the boys in her family.
  21. From the album litemotif

    This little wall hanging was a design purchased from cheswick company. I have recently been enamoured by wool felt and beading.
  22. From the album litemotif

    Digitally printed deer panel/ wall hanging
  23. From the album BJ's quilts

    This quilt, representing King Arthur and the knights of the round table, was designed by my oldest son Ken Tatum, who gifted the design along with the digital files, the fabrics, and the threads to me for my birthday in March 2016. I had to figure out how to make his beautiful design. This quilt is the third in my ongoing series of ancient illuminated manuscript-inspired quilts. The text below the central picture is in old English. I had the throne room in the background, which he provided as a separate digital design file, printed by Spoonflower on cotton. Then I appliqued the people's bald heads (digitally painted and printed on cotton), clothes, swords, table and 3 dimensional wall hangings. I free motion embroidered their hair and the crowns. I digitized the chain mail shirts for the king and knights and machine embroidered them with variegated silver gray thread on black. The Celtic borders were the biggest challenge. I marked the green satin, free motion/ruler stitched the long borders, and digitized the corner designs in simple single line stitching and machine embroidered them in my embroidery module. Then I painted the border designs. After piecing the quilt top together and sandwiching the quilt with two layers of batting (thin polyester and wool), I free motion quilted this quilt on my new Bernina Q20 sitdown longarm. This provided the opportunity to give the border designs their Celtic dimension (over and under dimension). I also attached the banners after quilting and hand stitched them down to maintain their 3 D appearance. Check out my blogs on the making of this quilt and tutorials for making the chain mail and the Celtic borders. 34 x 45
  24. From the album BJ's quilts

    This is my third attempt to make a quilt inspired by the gorgeous Spiral Galaxies pictured in NASA's website. Rather than try to represent a specific spiral galaxy, I chose several of their non-copyrighted photographs of different spirals to pattern my spiral galaxy after. This is a whole cloth quilt using Angelina Fibers representing the gas clouds, rusty brown free motion embroidery to show the rusty colored spiral of dust that accompanies these galaxies, and, of course, different sizes and colors of hot fix crystals for the stars that such star birthing galaxies produce. The entire quilt is covered with black nylon veiling, which gives the Angelina Fibers stability by the time they are quilted. The quilting is tightly spiraled and fairly organized in the center and as it spirals out, the spiral gets looser and less organized with bubbles and smaller spirals. This is the first quilt I quilted on my new Bernina Q20 sit down. 41 x 50
  25. From the album BJ's quilts

    I made this fun quilt using a vintage Alfred Shaheen panel for MQX's Alfred Shaheen exhibit. I designed and painted the border drawing from his design in the center panel. I gifted this quilt to my brother and his wife in celebration of their fiftieth wedding anniversary. I was fortunate to find exactly the right solid colors for the borders, and so I quilted, then painted the light green border. The dark green border is my first venture into ruler work for a show quilt, since all I did was make a row of touching circles using Lisa Calle's new circle rulers with my Bernina 830. They are hard to see, but I quilted in a frog, a pig, a parrot, and a flying bird in the white background of the central panel and then did a circular twirl fill with that. 36 x 54
  26. From the album BJ's quilts

    This is the second in my series of quilts related to women down through history who have seen their men go off to war or other dangerous jobs for extended periods. It is something of a remake of the first in this series "Waiting...". This time, the woman has her young tween or early teen daughter with her who hasn't seen her father for over a year and she is a little nervous. I had a very difficult time making the sky. I painted four pieces, using Setacolor fabric paints and finally chose one and added more paints. Then I pieced the storm-at-sea part and pieced it together where it turns into the pictorial sea, but I ended up overdying them together after piecing so they melded better. I nearly quit making this quilt several times along the way, but it is finally finished. I trapuntod the cliffs and also the ship with three layers of batting, more for each layer of sails as they come closer to the viewer. I used over thirty different colors of threads..most of which are variegated. The sea foam is represented by Angelina Fibers. 40 x 45
  27. Precise Pantograph System
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