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  3. This might be too late, but my local quilt shop - Fabric Obsession - in Medina, OH has a few bolts of black fabric. She does mail order...her number is 330-725-3226.

    Here's her website:

  4. Terri, left you a message and photo on the motor alignment for the IQ under your June 17th post about having to take off your motors.

  5. I use a longarm. This was my first wholecloth quilt!
  6. Do you do longarm quilting or quilting by Hand ? Wonderful work. Greetings Susanne

    ok. I take PayPal.  Tomorrow we'll figure out the shipping cost.   What is your address?


  8. Retired Accountant living the Quilting Dream in Ohio

  9. Deborah, if your hubby is a federal retiree, he can continue his medical through the government.  Of course it's more expensive than Medicare, but it covers more too.  I pay about $350 a month for ours and we have a $350 deductible per year, which isn't bad at all.  Of course it depends on what's available in your area.  We have quite a few plans to choose from and I have Kaiser.  They contract out with local groups so I don't have to depend on just them to choose a doctor.  Good luck with your hubby.  I would suggest he talk to his personnel person and they can tell him what he has available.  

  10. Well I ordered and installed the gate. That went okay after a phone call or two.  My question now is how hard is it to lift the gate for you?  It seems like you need a lot of arm strength to do that.  Did you say your hubby fixed it in some way so it was easier for you to get open?  I've just been leaving it partially closed so I can just swing it open. It's only for the dog (small 14 lbs).  We cordoned off a hallway for her to stay in when we got out to eat/shop etc.  I'll close it all the way when we do that.  Always something...

    1. QuiltingwithGrace


      Yes, dh knows I don't have a lot of hand strength so he did something.  All I have . to do is give it a slight tug to open it.  When it closes it kind of clicks in place.  Dh is out of town right now, but I will get ahold of him and have him post here what he did.  He won't mind at all.

  11. Hi Robin,

    I'm getting ready to order the pet gate you told us about and wondered if you were still happy with it or had any problems with it.   

    Thanks - Jean

    1. QuiltingwithGrace


      I'm LOVING it!  The best part is dh assembled it so that I don't have to slide anything to open it.  All I have to do is give it a gently tug.

      Hope you love it too!

    2. Jean Shute

      Jean Shute

      Thanks Robin!  Amazon to the rescue!

    3. QuiltingwithGrace


      As dh says, "Amazon is your friend.  Amazon Prime is your best friend."

  12. I don't have the pattern Liz, but in looking at it, I think you could come up with the pattern using half-square triangles, flying geese, square, and a triangle in a square.  Most pieced patterns are made up of common shapes.  These are probably 4 inch blocks.   I often make my own patterns when I see a quilt I like and can't locate the pattern for it.   I see two separate blocks that form the quilt.

    Jitterbug quilt.JPG

    1. Liz Dunne

      Liz Dunne

      very true Jean!  I might wait to see if they sell off the kit on Black Friday.  I would love this quilt!

      Thanks very much :)

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