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  4. Jo Ann I am so sorry for the damage to your home but am thankful you and your loved ones are OK.  Please be careful and God Bless.

  5. LauraJ

    My Creative Stitches Paper Patterns

    Yup, you got it.
  6. gardenglen

    My Creative Stitches Paper Patterns

    Server cannot be found. Is this the new URL?
  7. Nancy, did you use a Sizzix or Accuquilt die to cut the curved pieces for your flag?  I just purchased the larger (had the smaller) one and you've given me a good reason to use it.

    1. nancySD


      I have the Sizzix and used the Wave die.  It is about 4.5x 5 inches, I think.  I think they are fun and I sure wouldn't cut those shapes by hand!

    2. Jean Shute

      Jean Shute

      I have a Sizzix too.  I love that machine!

  8. Terri - email me regarding a loom

    Leanne Spencer

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