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Question of the Week -- April 9, 2017

Good morning!
Welcome to the start of a new week! I taught at a shop about 40 miles north of my home yesterday and had an absolutely great drive to and from the shop...temperatures were in the low 40s and the skies were clear and sunny. Spring is definitely on its way, and I'm enjoying the longer daylight hours, too.

I've had several quilts come into the studio this week. Two of them are graduation gifts for young people graduating next month. One is a t-shirt quilt and the other is a photo memory quilt. This brings me to this week's questions for you...

Approximately how many quilts have you personally made and/or quilted for customers that were destined as graduation presents? What are some of the more popular quilt patterns or styles used for these quilts in your area?

I hope you can take a moment out of your busy schedules to answer this week's questions. Take care and have a wonderful week.
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My youngest is graduating this June and I made a quilt for the grad committee to raffle for a fund raiser.  The school colours are red and black and since it is Canada's 150th birthday this year I used a Canadian themed fabrics as well.  I quilted it with a simple flame design ( Ebb and Flow turned to run vertical) to match their hoodie logo design that the grads are wearing this year. 

I have one grad quilt that I will be quilting next month for a client. and it also has the red and black colours with a Canadian themed center.

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Love the red/black one!  I have one quilter that started a very difficult applique sunflower quilt last year for her daughters graduation. We were shooting for me to quilt it before her birthday this May but I don't know yet.  It's this one .  Has anyone else made it?  

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I have made late graduation quotes fir 5 nieces and nephews. I used jay birds varsity for two of them, one was highway 10s city slicker and two were a modal basics pattern. I've got two tops done and in the tbq pile fir this years grads- my eldest and a niece. One is Elizabeth Hartmann herringbone pattern and the other is a log cabin variation. And then I have one per year for the next 4 years.

I have quilted a few for customers in the past, I only have one customer grad quilt in the queue right now
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I've made three college graduation quilts and am starting to think about the fourth that will need to be done in May 2019. They are for my nieces and nephew. Here are the ones done so far:


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Since these are for college graduations, I tried to make them in designs that would last a lifetime for the recipients.


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Beautiful quilts, ladies!  Nancy, I love the colors in your modified rail fence quilt.

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Lemon Tree Tami
Apr 09 2017 07:37 PM

I have two client quilts that I'm working on this week that are graduation quilts. The first one is a t-shirt quilt made from the grad's track and various school tees. (I just have to finish adding the borders before I can load it and quilt and then bind it.) And the second one is a French Braid quilt done in that grad's favorites colors, red/black/grey. 


Both types, the memory t-shirt quilt and a beautiful bed/cuddle quilt, make for wonderful graduation gifts. It's nice to see them coming through because it means another young adult is about to leave the nest to make it in the world. I like having a small part of it. :-)

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I quilt about 4 or 5 every year for customers, mostly t-shirt quilts.  I have two to get done yet this month and turned one away last week.  We are too busy with outside spring work and I hate to commit to too many.  Why do graduations and weddings always take place in the spring, along with calving, planting, gardening, etc.???

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Those are beauties!  

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The majority of my personal quilts have been graduation gifts.  1 nephew, 3 nieces and 2 sons. 

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Proud Military Mom
Apr 10 2017 04:02 PM
Great looking quilts!
I made a t-shirt quilt for my son when he joined the US Marines, right before his graduation. A few years back I made one for a customer which was going to be a graduation gift for her grandson. Over the years I have quilted t-shirt quilts as well as other quilts that were supposed to be graduation presents. I don't know how many I have quilted. I don't get too many requests for those. I am lucky if I get a couple a year. At the moment I have one waiting for a pantograph and it is a gift for her grandson. Hopefully I will get more requests before the summer is over.
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I think all the graduation quilts I did were either t-shirts or photo quilts.  Lots of memories of teams and events in school.  I'm sure the recipients loved them.

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Betty Hicks
Apr 10 2017 07:42 PM
I have done four T-shirts recently. They were not graduation. Three were an acquaintances' late husbands shirts for her grands. One was for a friend of hers who wanted one for her daughter. Both of them cut out the logos they wanted to put on the quilt. There were SO MANY different sizes of logos that I had her pin them very randomly onto ONE twin size piece of a solid fabric (I advised her how to press double sided iron-on fusing.) I stitched all around the edges. Did minimal shadowing of the logos and did medium freemotion longarm in all the background. They were pleased, I did some McTavishing -swirls - etc. fillers.
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I made t-shirt quilts for each of my kids for graduation and my sisters decided their kids needed them also. So with each graduation we have a quilt weekend where they come here and we piece the top together. The early ones were
tied but now I longarm them. I made a dorm quilt for my goddaughter/niece when she graduated and the other nieces
and nephews thought it was so cool they all wanted one too so that ended up being my grad gift to all of them. It's been fun seeing what ideas they come up with for their quilts and all are being well loved. The superman logo one
was an interestng challenge but he loves it and shows it off to all his friends.

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No graduation quilts, but this is quilt show season and a lot of those are coming in!

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