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Question of the Week -- February 26, 2017

Good morning!
Not only is it the start of a new week, but it will be a new month, too, in a few days. Once again, I just don't know where the time goes.

I've been thinking about quilts that I've made or quilted for clients over the years which brings me to this week's questions for you:

What are some of your favorite quilts that you've made or quilted? Where are they now?

Please take a moment to share your answers with us. Take care and have a wonderful week!
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Kwilt n Deb
Feb 26 2017 11:54 AM

Oh my gosh I was just thinking about this last night while I was quilting, and I don't really have a favourite quilt, as I try to quilt something new to me in each quilt. But I can remember the new designs I quilted on each quilt, and how proud I was.  I took pictures and came back just to admire them. 

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I have a couple of favorite quilts. My top choice would probably have to be my only show quilt, that ended up winning a ribbon at Houston:


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It was made from a tablecloth of my mom's and I gave it to my sister last Christmas.


My other favorites are this quilt that I made for my nephew:


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and this one that I made for my mom, that came back to me when she passed away a couple of years ago:


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Helen Baczynski
Feb 26 2017 02:20 PM
There's one that I'll always remember. I did it a long time ago, probably around 2000. My customer brought me a piece of fabric that had the design of an oriental dragon on it in sequins. The fabric was obviously intended for a dress or something similar. I think it was crepe. Anyway, she wanted me to quilt it as a whole cloth. I added another dragon, ocean, clouds and generally made an oriental scene. I was really happy with the result and jokingly asked her to leave it to me in her will. I'll see if I have photos. I don't know where she or the quilt is now.
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Gosh, I have a few that are my favorites. First one is a Shadow Box that I made in 1995 and hand quilted it. It is in a closet for now until spring/summer when I put it on my bed. This shadow box is nothing like the ones I have seen lately. Second one is a Northwood flannel quilt,it was a kit and had some blocks with loons, house and trees, had some small yellow blocks that I took out as the yellow seem to overpower the quilt [meaning that was all I could see] that quilt is on my bed now. The third one is a animal panel with 2 light grey wolves, just finished that last week and it is hanging above my stairs. The fourth one was a customer quilt called Ribbon and Roses by Annette Ornelas. She wanted it quilted like it was in the book. Told her I was not that good to do it the same but I would do my best. I drew the leaves and vines in the white space around her blocks of leaves and flowers and I added a rose through out the quilt. That was my favorite customer quilt. It was a wedding gift to her niece and she loved how it turned out.

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Feb 26 2017 06:35 PM

My favorites are always the unusual ones.


Like this one...made with labels from clothes...from 2009...it was sold


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And the magic castle...from 2010....paper pieced....also sold


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And the postage stamps...from 2010....also sold


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They all seem to be my favorites if they are weird. hahhahaha   but that's just me


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Feb 26 2017 07:34 PM
My favorite was a hand pieced sampler quilt I made in a class with my friend and neighbor when I lived in California. We drafted the pattern and fussy cut all the pieces. I then hand quilted it for my great niece. It is light green, pink, and yellow florals. The back and binding were flannel, a pain to quilt, but very cozy for Chicago winters. She still has it on her bed and takes it when they travel by car, 12 years later.

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I think my favorite is always the next one.  I seem to be so excited over what I have coming up to do that I don't really care anymore about the ones that are finished!  I do try to take pictures of every quilt that I have done, whether it is mine or a customer's.  It is fun to look through them - they are all so beautiful in their own way  I couldn't pick a favorite.

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I haven't made a lot of my own quilts, although I do have an impressive stash of UFOs and a StaBLE - Stash Beyond Life Expectancy.  I've quilted lots of wonderful client quilts, but probably my favorite was Jane's last quilt.  Jane was a nurse who organized the group that makes quilts for babies in the NICU at the hospital.  She herself made wonderfully inventive quilts of her own design.  She passed from cancer a few years ago, and her family brought me the last quilt she made.  It was full of the delightful critters, and I felt as though Jane and I were having a conversation as I quilted it.


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I thought and thought about this and I can't say if it's the one I'm working on or the one I just finished!  I just love the doing it and then saying "Pat what do you think" when I'm all done. 

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Feb 27 2017 11:50 AM

I have made a lot of quilts over the years. I have two favorites of my own and many customer quilts that I was fortunate to love and experience them for just a little while. One of my favorites was the first quilt that my grandmother pieced at age 90. I pieced and quilted so she wanted to learn to do the piecing part.  She wanted to make a quilt to give to her friend, a nun, who was retiring. We made that quilt together then drove 700 miles to give it to her friend. Because I was working full time and the retirement date was near, I had it professionally quilted.  To me, it was disappointing to see what the quilter did with our quilt but my grandmother was thrilled with it and so was her friend.  Wish I still had the photo of the two of them with the quilt.  The quilt pattern was in a Fons and Porter book comprised of sashed Dresdens with an applique border.  My grandmother developed a Dresden and Feedsack reproduction fever. I cut and marked wedges every day for her to hand sew together while I was at work.  She was relentless and made hundreds of pieced blades, which I still have, and lots of reproduction feedsack fabric. She pieced four more quilts before she passed away.   I am in the process of recreating her first quilt with wedges that she hand pieced.

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