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Question of the Week -- June 4, 2017

Good morning!
Welcome to the start of a new week!

We've had a few warm-for-us sunny days, but this morning is rather cool and overcast. Things are so dry and the wildfire danger is high, so some rain would be welcome.

A quilt shop in Anchorage is hosting a two-day workshop with Ricky Tims later this summer. We have several guilds in the area who have hosted other out-of-state instructors, but sometimes they have had a hard time filling classes over the past several years. So my questions for you this week are...

Does your quilt guild or group sponsor out-of-area teachers? If so, do the classes fill quickly and have a wait list? What's one class or lecture you'd love to attend given an opportunity?

Please take a moment to share your answers with us in the forum. Take care and have a wonderful week!
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Michelle Wyman
Jun 04 2017 05:44 PM

I belong to three guilds, and they are all different on the teacher and class level.


#1 guild does not bring in national teachers or speakers.  We do have a few local speakers and sometimes we might offer a 4 hour class a few months later, on their presentation, if the members liked it.   Price max about $25.  This membership is not big on spending money for classes, so we are venturing into it with these half day classes.  We've had a landscape class, a Judi Neimeyer technique class, and soon we'll have a pineapple class, all with local teachers. 


#2 guild does about 2-3 national teachers a year, with one or two classes offered the days after the lecture/meeting.   This guild really loves classes, and most sell out to members.  They do use a wait list.  Occasionally, they will open it to non members if need be.  We bring in big names and the classes are great.  We've had Pat Sloan, Lisa Bonjean, Kathy Brown, Edyta Sitar, and Bonnie Hunter (3times!), to name a few. 


The third guild, a modern guild, doesn't have classes as far as I know... I've only been a member for 1.5 years. 


We also have the largest guild in GA nearby.  I used to be a member, but currently am not.  This guild has very deep pockets and brings in VIP's in the quilting industry. They've had classes Jane Sassaman, Weeks Ringle, Hollis Chatalain, Pat Holly, Nova Montgomery (FW expert), Edyta Sitar, Karen Kay Buckley, Karen Stone, Bonnie Hunter, plus many more.  Their classes usually sell out with guild members, but they will open to guests if there is room.  They do use a wait list.


I recently discovered a fiber art quilter from VT on Pinterest and have fallen in love with her work.  Her name is Karen Kamenetzky and she works in an organic abstract style, using wool and silk and stitching.  I'd love to take a class with her!

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When I was president of our small guild, I tried to bring in teachers for classes, and that flew like a lead balloon.  These ladies do not want to spend their money, only on necessities, like rent, lol.  They are open to having some local ladies teach occasionally, but that is it.  What a disappointment!  There is another larger guild an hour+ away, which does more, but I just don't have time to invest in another guild.  I really like the ladies in the group where I am a member, so I have decided to be satisfied where I am.  Maybe someday I'll be able to join a larger guild, but not now.

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Jun 04 2017 08:07 PM
I belong to our local guild. They bring in a national teacher once a year and the classes fill quickly with members. Last year they brought in Bonnie Hunter. This summer the guest instructor will be Edyta Sitar. I go to the trunk show that is usually the evening before the 2 day class but I haven't taken any of the classes.

Michelle, I am also totally "gobsmacked" with Karen Kameneysk's work.
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Our guild brings in 6 teachers a year with a 1-hour presentation at the meeting and then 2 days of workshops.  Not all the classes fill but we usually have enough sign ups so we don't have to cancel the workshops.  I would love to have Judi Madsen come to our guild.

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The guild I belong to is limited to 150 members and it is either full or near full each year.  We meet monthly on the 2nd Thursday, except July and August.  December and June are potluck nights with extra activities.  So, 8 months of the year, we have speakers.  4-6 of those months are filled with well-known quilting celebrities and classes are offered the following days on Friday and Saturday.  We have had Linda Hahn, Edyta Sitar and others I can't seem to remember right now.  And this year, we have Mary Fons coming to our guild for a class and lecture.

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We have a trunk show by an out of area person every two years at our quilt show.  It goes over well, but is just included in the admission to the show.  I don't think many locals here would want to spend a lot for a class with a big name teacher.  

I would like to go to a class with Bonnie Hunter - I love what she makes with scraps!

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D-Liteful Quilts
Jun 05 2017 08:20 AM
I would love it if our longarm guild would. At out last meeting, it was brought up. Hopefully, it will happen.
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I belong to three guilds and they all bring in national teachers.  The Washington State Quilters group has a range of traditional to art quilt teachers; the North Idaho guild also has the same; and the longarm group brings in national teachers two times a year.  


I try to take advantage of any that I have an interest in.  I can't name a specific teacher I would like to take a class from right now.  I've taken so many classes both on my own and through my guilds that I've hit most of the ones I cared about.  I'm always open to new adventures so am looking forward to new teachers entering the quilting world.

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Just like Jean & Michelle (2L), I also belong to 3 guilds & they do bring in a well known teacher at least once a year for each of them.  


The classes in two of them usually do fill up & they use a wait list system.  The guilds will pay (out of the guild kitty) for the teacher's transportation & lodging & meals so that the "trunk show" the day before classes is *free* & open to members only. since they've each paid $30/yr. to belong.  Any classes the next day are at the member's own expense.


Personally, I would love to have several other members right here from the forum, come show us how they work their magic!!!

Honestly, I have learned SEW much from seeing the work posted here & *listening* to how they decided on what to do & then how they accomplished it.   #FeelingGrateful

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I quit going to our local guild, largely because they rarely (if ever) bring in guest speakers.  There have been a few over the years, but it's generally a mystery speaker, who ends up being a guild member talking about their quilts.  There are a few very talented people in the guild, but not enough new and interesting things to tempt me back.

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