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WIP Wednesday Post -- April 12, 2017

Good morning!
Time for our weekly WIP update! I've been doing a bit of client quilting in between working on our tax return which I hope to have done and in the mail today. Your turn...quilt-related or not, let's hear all about what's been keeping you busy this week.
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I traded my view of my foot for this:


My DH is out of town for most of the week, so I have set myself up at the kitchen table. I am working on a 

Bonnie Hunter UFO from a couple yrs ago. I am not truly excited about it, but I am happy to

move it forward. Not starting something new is a good thing too! I am still working on my collage quilt but I am

the only one who can see any progress on it. 


I am finally able to get a sandal on my bad ankle and much to my surprise, it hurts LESS in that shoe! I took Buddy to the dog park and later went out to get some dinner. I felt SO grown up to be out on my own! HA! Today is a short trip to the grocery with more sewing (and baseball, thank goodness for baseball...and my Dbacks won last night. That helps to keep a cheery disposition too.) Thinking I can stand at the quilt frame today, even if just for 30 mins. I have been looking forward to THAT. 


What is everyone else working on?



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Apr 12 2017 12:10 PM

i just finished running errands in town....9 stops....that's a lot for me. but now i can get to the studio and try and load my april UFO challenge quilt. i am really late this month. i might have to mark it before loading. i have big ideas. hahahaha

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Nothing quilt related for me, except for our guild meeting tomorrow evening with Jane Sassaman.  I'm looking forward to it.  Non-quilt related, I have been researching and making plans for my own master bath renovation.  So far, I have decided on everything except the lighting.  Honed white basket weave marble with black dots on the floor.  Polished white marble subway tile on the walls about 3 feet up with a marble chair rail.  A 2-person steam shower unit with massage spray heads, rainfall and handheld shower head, FM radio and of course steam.  A dark wood vanity, white marble top and white sink.  Stainless hardware.  And an oval mirror.  And I promise, it will not take me as long as my brother to complete.

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Just starting 85 x 95 state flowers quilt, hand embroidered. This client brings me many, sometimes they're off and sometimes the background fabric is pretty unstable. This one seems to be doing pretty well. She just wants a flower Panto overall. (Sorry it's sideways. Posting it off my phone)
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Knocked out one of mine on Monday 


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And this client quilt when on and off today - 


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In between I had a horrible t-shirt quilt that I did NOT take photos of because I want to pretend it never existed.



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Apr 12 2017 03:00 PM

Oh, Terri.....I LOVE that christmas one......i see hershey's kisses.....my favorites....hahahahaha

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I have 2 more strips of fabric to put on a simple quilt top  for the kids camp. 


TerryR, I can envision the bathroom and it sounds really nice!


Beth, I am glad you are doing that much better! Did you consider one of the flexible type ankle braces? Maybe for while you quilt?

 That looks like a vintage sewing machine. I love those. 


TerriW, those are both gorgeous!

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I've been working on this Dear Jane....about 2/3 of the way done now.  Sure glad the client chose wool batting ;)


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Wonderful stuff, as usual!! I did my taxes over the weekend and got them into the mail on Monday morning. Whew! Glad to be done with that!! I put the hanging sleeve and label on Puppy Love, so it is really done now. I also started preparing the random circles to applique onto the border of my Karen Kay Buckley quilt.

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 Did you consider one of the flexible type ankle braces? Maybe for while you quilt?

 That looks like a vintage sewing machine. I love those. 





Yes I am looking at ankle braces. Thanks for the reminder. 


The sewing machine is a white Featherweight. Same as the black ones, but made in England. Hardwired instead of plug in, and a MUCH better foot pedal. I added a modern 1/4 foot and its my go-to for class and travel.

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Working on my art quilt challenge for the longarm guild due in June.  I just finished another cute baby quilt and will be loading a wool Christmas sampler tomorrow.  I have a couple more in the que for the North Idaho guild's quilt show in June.  Of course everyone has waited until there's not much time left to enter the show.  No surprise there.


Hope your ankle heals quickly Beth.  Thanks for sharing your pretties Deborah, Terri and Michelle.  I've never had to quilt a Dear Jane quilt so my sympathies to you Michelle!

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I haven't done much quilting. I have one on the frame but can't decide exactly what I want to do on it. I should probably just do an overall and be done with it.

In the meantime I've been doing lots of piecing on the BOM from TQS. For some reason when I
downloaded the directions they had them up for April and May so I've done both months and made 36 of these cute little flying geese arcs. They are 5 inch squares and will make up the next border. I just have to sew the backgrounds onto the last 9 of them. The penny is on the
photo for scale.


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Nice work everyone.  I'm still working on the Wedding Ring.  I've finished all of the Unit A arcs, and am now working on the Unit B arcs.  I'm going to be at this a while.  Super easy, but time consuming.


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Peg, I would really like to see that when you are done. 


Linda, I love the colors you are using and hope to see that when finished too. 

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Nice job ladies, love all the projects!

Nothing quilt related for me . I drove to Idaho for a Doctor appointment 3 years cancer free, woohoo ! Then spent the evening at my daughter's house, just the two of us. It was wonderful! I'm heading home this morning.
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Nancy - 3 years cancer free!!!  That is a milestone!  Now there's something to celebrate. :Party: 


As always the show-and-tell is impressive.

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Vicki in MN
Apr 13 2017 12:22 PM

Gee Wed. slipped right by me...the almost 6yr old grandson spent the afternoon with me in the sewing room!  Because he had a half day of school and he wanted/asked to come back and help me sew string blocks!!  He thought it was really fun when I introduced him to the sewing room last month.  This time his focus wasn't as good but we got 4 blocks done and he wound my unruly bobbins and color coordinated them-my bobbins never looked so good!!  Then we enjoyed coloring for an hour;)

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