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WIP Wednesday Post -- May 10, 2017

Good morning!
It's Wednesday and time for our weekly WIP update.

I've been busily quilting away on quilts for my clients. I need to get one boxed up and down to the Post Office today. I've updated my handouts for an upcoming class in between getting Mom to and from various appointments.

Your turn! Quilt-related or not, we always enjoy hearing about and seeing the projects that have going on in your lives.
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Not working today...well, not quilting. They are replacing the water main on our street which will take approx 12 weeks. Today they are in front of my house and I am concerned about the power lines so rather than take the chance I am doing book work, invoicing and organizing. Hopefully, I can get back to quilting tomorrow.


I am also doing a little shopping and research - considering an InstaPot https://www.amazon.c...ywords=instapot for my birthday. On one hand, it's intriguing. On the other, I wonder if I would really use it. I like that it browns and sautes. I am thinking it would be good for summer meals without heating up the kitchen.


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anyone I know who has an instant pot loves it Terri.


I finished up my April schedule on Saturday (only a week behind) and so far this week no time at the quilting machine.  No photos on my computer yet.  Why, oh why, is it so hard for me to get photos from my camera to the computer--it's not really hard at all, but it sure seems like I've got a block there. 


I did get some cuddles in with my 24 hour old Nephew yesterday.  He lives about 1hr 15 away from me, so it takes some effort to get those cuddles.  And most of Sunday/Monday was spent on baby watch, texting with my Brother, offering what support I could --22 hour labor, which ended in a c-section. 


And I was working on some blocks for En Provence. 

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Helen Baczynski
May 10 2017 12:10 PM

A change of pace today - I'm sewing a dress for myself. Plan to do some quilting later. It's a bit rainy today so I shall plant the flowers I bought yesterday when it stops.

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Teri, I have the instant pot and love it!!  I love that I can put a roast in and saute and then use the slow cook.  You won't be sorry.

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Helen, I'm glad to hear someone else sews garments here!  I almost bought "The Tunic Bible" yesterday because I fell in love with the sample on display in the quilt store!  








I've been outside WEEDING,   (yuck  :mad: ) now that we've FINALLY warmed up a bit.  It is backbreaking work & doesn't help my sore hip either, so I'm getting an estimate from a landscaping co. to come edge the flower beds & mulch after treating for weeds.  Last year's mulch must have been very inferior because I've NEVER had so many weeds before.  Our HOA takes care of the grass & only the FRONT flower beds....the sides & back are the homeowner's responsibility.  


I am also getting ready for 3 days of classes with Bethanne next week!!  Woo-Hoo!!    GroovinNana-2.gif


I've bought my silk dupioni, ironed it & picked threads to match & spent some time cleaning my small Brother 8500 that I take to classes.


Did you know you can now buy replacement bulbs for your sewing machines that are bright LEDS??!!!!


 I heard about them from our local Pins & Needles store when they did a webinar.  I must drive over to them & see if they have one that will fit my little 20 yr. old machine.  


I expect to finish my Christmas panel quilt today & hopefully get some photos since the sun is finally shining here. 

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No quilting stuff for me again this week.  And the work on my master bathroom got side tracked this past weekend.  I was admittedly a tad hungover on Saturday.  I go out most Friday nights and sing karaoke at a local bar.  But I did start drilling all the holes in the joists for the new electrical run.  Then on Sunday, I mowed and weed whacked my Farmington Hills yard (1/2 acre) in the morning.  I ate some lunch and went over to cut the grass and trim a few tree branches at my Pontiac house.  That is where things went haywire.  When I got to my Pontiac house, I noticed half of one of the large (50')trees in the backyard split and fell over.  The top branches hit the garage, but thankfully there was no damage.  So, I ended up using the tiny electric 8" pruning chainsaw, I brought along to do the tree trimming, cut up anything smaller that 8" and hauled it away.  Then I went back last night after work with my gas 18" chain saw and cut up and removed the larger stuff.

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Yikes, Terry!  What an unexpected job.  Glad nothing was damaged.


Retta, I'm a garment sewer, too, though mostly for the grands anymore.  Since I no longer teach I haven't quite the need for new clothes that I did have.  Helen, good for you getting some sewing done for yourself.


Michelle, those cuddles are priceless, aren't they?


And good for you, Terri and Jo Ann, getting necessary paperwork done.  I need to balance the checkbook but think I will ignore it for another day.


Today I took a king-sized DWR off the frame.  I thought I'd never get it quilted.  The customer already came over to get it and was very pleased.  She wanted light quilting so happily I found Jessica Schick's "Mary Kathryn Lace Block." Customer also wanted light blue thread, which didn't thrill me as the starts and stops show too well on the cream background. 


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Seems like a very busy non-quilting week for many. I'm working on a Bargello for a first time customer and piecer. She has a lot of excess fabric in her borders so I'm having to tuck a lot in as I quilt. Thankfully she only wants meandering so that helps take care of some of the excess.
Also, I'm happy to say I purchased a pattern that I think will work for my quilt I posted this week in "help in design choice". There was a sale and I think it will work beautifully. I'll post it when I get it finished.
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No quilting for me.  I'm finishing my drawings for patterns for my larger art quilt.  Next step will to be cutting and sewing them down.  The hard part for me is getting everything the way I want it visually.  The tedious part is putting it all together.   I have a couple quilts to do in June so far but with summer coming, that's usually my lightest time and I can get  some gardening done.  


I'm going back to sewing my clothes.  I can't find a darned thing I like in the stores or they don't fit.  I took apart a pair of pants that fit me perfectly and made a pattern.  I have a shirt  I Iike, so that will be next.  It's easier than trying to do the adjustments to a paper pattern and I know they fit.  I'm not much of a dress gal, mostly pants and tops.


Terri, what a mess!  But at least you'll have some time for paperwork.  I've considered an instapot, but like you, I wonder if it will be just more thing to store.  I have a pressure cooker I never use.  My 5 qt. cast iron pot gets the biggest work out and meals are ready in 2 hours on a very low setting with little watching.  Michelle, you lucky girl.  Love babies!    Lissa, I like the light blue thread.  It shows off your lovely quilting.  Rhett, be sure to post a picture of your finished tunic.  I saw that pattern and wondered.  I'm so short, that style isn't usually very flattering for me.  Comfy though....


Okay - back to work.  See ya'll later.

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May 10 2017 03:05 PM

Lissa love that DWR!

I'm thinking of Canada this week!  I've got a Canada commemoration quilt next up.  I haven't started it yet, but have got it loaded and the thread picked out and a semblance of a plan.  


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Rhett--you are so lucky, 3 days of classes!  One thing I've learned with classes (especially using classroom machines) is I never expect a nice, finished piece from them.  I take a cheap fabric, and learn there, don't have to worry about tension or anything like that, just about learning the technique, and then I can come home and use my nice fabric. 



And did you see the series on the Tunic Bible that Amy Johnson and Lisa Day did?  Based on that, the book is well worth it, if you want to sew yourself tops. 





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May 10 2017 05:17 PM

Not much quilting for me this week either, other than still working on the curved flying geese blocks for the TQS BOM.


My BFF from NC has been visiting with her husband, so we've had lots of good food and conversation.  They're leaving early tomorrow, so hope to get back to some quilting then!

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May 10 2017 08:28 PM


I have the Insta Pot. It works very well. I am happy with it. I did get it at a bargain at Xmas from BB&Beyond with a sale and 20% off. So I got my money's worth. Now I think you have helped me with deciding dinner for tomorrow.

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Ruth Esperanza
May 10 2017 10:12 PM
I finally finished painting my silk. Now I just have to convert the silk fabric into a quilt ...Attached File  IMG_1047.JPG   123.38KB   0 downloads
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I have few days off from work, so I will be having fun quilting this piece.
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I haven't touched the quilting. I have 7 waiting. I have been flower shopping. I got 6 hanging baskets and 4 flats. I still have to round up my bulbs and see what I am planting. I picked up a nice black elephant ear that has a huge bulb to plant. All my other black ones were just roots and didn't keep well to save for the winter. 


Nice work everybody! 


Rett, I am jealous about the  class! Hope you have a great time.


TerriW, that looks like it would be annoying to deal with. 


Lissa, that is really pretty!


TerryR, sorry about the tree and mess and I'm glad the garage is ok. 

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Helen Hubert
May 11 2017 07:03 AM
I'm not quilting for a day or two. I convinced my friend to drive three hours and be the guest speaker at my guild. I'm keeping her for two nights so we can have a good catch-up.
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May 11 2017 07:52 AM

Ruth, that is a FANTASTIC quilt! Can't wait to see it finished.

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Lissa that DWR is beautiful.  I can't make out any starts and stops in those centers.  Oh Deborah, looks like you have your work cut out for you.  Perhaps you can give the quilter some tips on how to measure and apply borders.  Joy, looking forward to seeing what magic you work on the Canada quilt.  Ruth, your painted silk is DDG!!!  (Drop Dead Gorgeous)  I love all the hummingbirds flitting about in the piece.  I can't wait to see this all quilted up.


I am still plugging away at the 4PP.  20 hours in and I am only 1/3 done.  But I am so happy with how it is turning out.  I hope it does something at the shows.

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May 11 2017 07:30 PM
Oh Jane! That is simply awesome! I love your quilting designs! Can't wait to see it finished.
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Wow, Jane!  That is absolutely gorgeous.  Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

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