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WIP Wednesday Post -- May 17, 2017

Good morning!
It's Wednesday and time for our weekly WIP update!

I taught on Saturday and have been doing some yard work this week. I spent a bit of time in the studio working on a client's quilt. It's HUGE and has some piecing issues; so it's taking me a bit longer than expected.

Your turn! What projects have you been working on this week?
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I'll play. Although, I actually took this off yesterday


This is a two sided quilt - the top is the strippy-rail fencey pattern and the backing is YBR ( I think). I have done a few for her that are two sided and they have always quilted up fine because she is a good piecer AND presser.


When anyone else asks about doing this I tell them I have to see the project before I can say. I have had a couple come in that would not have worked well at all.


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In other news, our street is still torn up (will be until sometime in mid-July) and the backup beepers on the heavy equipment and dump trucks are about to drive me mad...I am starting to "hear" them in my sleep.  :Hypnotized:

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May 17 2017 09:45 AM

I am loading my birch trees quilt...and hopefully, will get to start it today. 


I have been gardening...and mowing....and trying to make some sense of this disaster in my studio....fabric everywhere....it's like an explosion.

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Just finished the binding on this t-shirt quilt which is quilted with "Aztec Wave" pattern.  Then I need to bind a baby quilt for a new great niece and get that sent out.


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Mostly just yard work for me.  I did get the 220v electrical wiring run to the master bathroom, though.  I just mowed the lawn on Saturday and it needs to be mowed again tonight.  So, guess what I'll be doing in the 85+ degree heat after work tonight?  Next up for the master bath will be routing the plumbing for the shower unit and hanging some drywall.

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I've been working on a new bag:


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I'm designing this bag as I go along, so it's taking a bit longer than usual. But it's a lot of fun!


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I spent 2 days last week helping my brother and SIL with their new baby.  He's so sweet.  I did two nights of 'night nanny' so they could catch up on some sleep, and helped get him on bottle, since nursing wasn't working out for them.


And I E2E another labyrinth walk, no photos on my phone, but like we just discussed in another thread, the piecing on those is strong enough that all they need is texture.  I have a 3rd of those in my queue---it doesn't rain but pour.


And, I got some piecing time in on one of my own projects--this little hourglass block quilt came about because 1) a client brought a quilt that was mostly 3" hourglass blocks, and I loved it,so I resolved to make one and 2) my friend is a mangler at Cherrywood Fabrics (she presses fabric), and she sent me a grab bag of pieces that were approx 7x10 and I wondered what to do with them.


I cut this out before retreat last October, and have had the blocks made and trimmed for months, but needed time and space to lay it out and get it done.  I wasn't sure while laying it out, but once I stepped away from it a bit, LOVE IT!  


One Cherrywood grab bag = 111 3" Hourglass blocks.  And now its in my TBQ pile.  Leaving me 2 WIP, 2 PIG, 3 TBQ. 



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Helen Baczynski
May 17 2017 05:21 PM

I've been planting and mowing like so many others. I'm also making yet another dress - I acquired about 7 yards of a border print fabric so thats what I'm using right now. My niece's quilt hasn't been touched in a long time - need to finish it up soon. It's raining hard today so my newly planted flowers are getting a good watering.

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May 17 2017 07:04 PM
I've finished the Canada quilt and will post pics later. I've also planted flowers in pots on the front porch and painted the porch posts, pots, and other outdoor stuff. I've also had the exterminator out to take care of a bad ant problem. She said I won the prize for worst ant problem ever!? Not sure I want to brag about that special feat. I haven't seen any ants since they left though. Before they came, I was seeing line after line of ants marching across the porch towards the front door!!
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No quilting for me. I am still working on the flowers and yard. I think I am almost done with it.  Quilting will be a relief after that. 

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quilting (see I am not brave -update!) , baking cookies (2 pans of chocolate chip cookie bars and 2 pans of brownies), dinner for college kid home for a few days, and hopefully video chatting with my friend in California while we sew. I am piecing a backing for the next project.

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I am working on a baby quilt, cut the pieces out on Monday started sewing it together yesterday and today. I was going to sew on the borders when I decided it needed one more row. I cut the pieces out and now to sew them onto the bottom of the quilt. I work on the quilt in between working outside.

Today I mowed the lawn [have a half acre], weeded the flower garden and helped my brother put up the fence in front yard. He took part of the fence down to repair and paint it.

This is the first day we have had no rain, it was good to be outside. 

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