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WIP Wednesday Post -- May 31, 2017

Good morning!
It's Wednesday and time for our weekly show and tell. It's the last one for the month of May, too. Quilt-related or not, we'd love to hear all about the projects that have been keeping you busy. So...go!
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The weather predicted for the long weekend included a lot of rain in the forecast.  So, I anticipated spending much of my time working on my master bathroom.  Well, it turns out the weather was really nice the entire weekend.  So, my weekend was spent mowing grass, cutting all the lower branches of an evergreen tree and cleaning the grill.  I had not used my gas grill all last year and the mice got into it and built a couple of nests.  It took 1/2 a day on Saturday and 1/2 a day on Sunday to scrub it all out and get it up and running again.  I did get the new wall framed in the bathroom, though.  And yesterday, I received the shipment of the new cabinets and countertop.  At least now, all the new parts have arrived.  I just need to get it all put back together.

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Wow, Terry, you have been busy, and progress is being made. I just finished quilting a large sampler quilt for a neighbor quilter. She has time to get it bound before our community quilt group meeting next Sat. The sampler is a project we have been working on for about 2 years as we have beginners and the sampler blocks have been for teaching techniques. I need to finish my sampler too but first need to finish some mug rugs that I am making for door prizes at my husband's high school reunion next week. I bet we are all like that,lol, "I want to work on that.... but can't until I finish this....." SO glad that I never run out of projects. 

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Hey Terry, ever want to come to California and rebuild someone else's master bathroom?   :Big Grin:   You were busy this weekend!  Envious.  Still quilting customer quilts and making my own. Gave this one to it's maker yesterday.  Today - pantograph quilting again. 

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Go Terry go!  Laura, love the texture on this one! I bet the piecer was thrilled. Trisha , I was just mulling this 'predicament' over last night. I am looking at the end (FINALLY!) of the king Carpenters star...already contemplating what goes on the frame from there.


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Today I am painting a dry erase board with chalkboard paint. The white strip with the baseball 

'stitches' will be a shower curtain tie back in the baseball bathroom (yes, this time of year I am pretty much obsessed with baseball!)


I think I am taking my DH to the airport to pick up a new Ipad. His company issued Ipad died last night. He cannot fly without one as they have gone to all digital maps. Just a round trip and I will sit in the car knitting while he goes in. Saves time and parking fees. HA!


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I am seeing the end of the tunnel on the king sized Carpenters star. I should have the last of the border finished tomorrow. Then cleaning up all the dreck on the back (I had ALOT of shredding trouble before I replaced the bobbin winder. Who knew that could cause so much trouble!? I do NOW!). Dad's birthday is June 19th, so shooting for then. I promise lots of pictures.

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May 31 2017 11:30 AM

I have to bind this yet - or face it I think - but I am finished quilting it finally.  It is from fabric I dyed, wool batting topped with a silk batting, lots of thread, all Fantastico from Superior on top with Sew Fine in the bobbin.  It is about 20 x 30.   It kind of summarizes some of my feelings as I age - just keep going and doing - never give up - no matter what.


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Everyone is really busy producing some really wonderful stuff! I love it all!! (But you're making me feel guilty because I have Mexican Star and a Carpenter Star quilt tops that I made years ago that I need to pull out and quilt at some point.)


I've been working on getting ready for the classes I'm taking at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival in a couple of weeks. One of the quilting classes says we can bring sample sandwiches or table runners/wallhangings to use for our quilting in class. Since my class samples tend to just pile up and get in the way, Here's one I made based on Vicki's recent beauty:


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I love this pattern I found:


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This one might be too big, but it's ready if I decide to take it:


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I'll probably make one more just to make sure I have options when I get there.


I also made this bag for a friend of mine who's celebrating her 70th birthday on Friday:


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Busy week, for everyone.


This has been a very slow month in terms of me getting quilting done--I've been running about a week behind all year, but until today I felt about a Month behind.  My brother and his wife had a baby earlier this month, and I went and spent 2 nights being night nanny for them--which really killed about 3 or 4 days by the time I caught up my sleep, and my Dad has been around a lot for many varied reasons, and we had a Grade 12 Grad, and the raffle I was running for the youth at church has just wound up...... today I finished the Camelot quilt I was working on, quilted an E2E and have another loaded--but the thunder started so I've unplugged my machine.  I'll have a chance to invoice and do some photos now.  Fortunately, the other custom I had booked for this month said she didn't mind me being late--because I will.   Hopefully I can get caught up to just a week behind again LOL.    June won't be much better, because we have a couple of camping weekends booked, and then the kids are off school on the 16th for exams--except for one, and the busses won't be running, because the majority of the school is writing exams....so I'll be busy driving her back and forth too.

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Laura - Like the quilting design on the quilt, makes the red stand out, very nice.

Beth - That is one big Carpenter Star, looking forward to seeing it done. I'm  making a small [very small one] and looking for ideas on how to quilt it.

Carol - Wow, I keep going back to look at it, love the colors and quilting. I would never have the patient to do that kind of quilting but admire those who do.

Nancy - Your second picture looks like stain glass, the third looks like the white is floating out in front. nicely done, like the little bag.


On Sunday, I  started going through the bins and boxes in the garage and small shed and throwing stuff away that have no more purpose for me to keep.

I have more room in my garage now, still have a few more bins to do. Now I need to shred the business papers, not keeping them for 6 years.

I found some more quilting kits that I made up, only one doesn't have a picture or instructions, just the pieces all cut up and neatly in a shoe box.

Will not look into those other bins until July in case they have more quilting kits!  

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May 31 2017 05:46 PM
I've still got the same embroidery blocks quilt on the frame. I made it past the halfway point when my machine made a loud pop and quit. Dead. Lights on but nobody home dead. That happened yesterday at 5:30. It turns out my motor box (electronics) died. A new one is on its way but not likely to get here before Saturday at the earliest. IF it comes and IF I can get the new one (plus an index board and magnet) installed without support on Saturday, I'll be back in business. Otherwise I'll need to take a day off from my day job to have A1 support walk me through it next week. I'm taking lots of pics of it before dismantling it. It's still under warranty so that's good. In the meantime I have a t-shirt quilt to make for a customer so I hope to get that done. This is Us is back on tv tonight, so I'll be parked in front of the tube tonight.

I did get the siding and deck power washed this week too. And made my last tub of homemade ice cream. The paddle shaft broke and wound up freezing to the sides of the canister. I scooped around it until it softened enough to get it out. I think it's time for the youngsters to start making it now. It lasted 18 years, so I got my money's worth out of it.
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I have quilted 3 more of the quilts for the kids camp. I have been doing 4 or 5  month and trying to piece one. 


Those are some great pieces of work everybody. 


Terry, that is an aweful lot of work and I am sure you will enjoy the finished product. I'm envious too. I hate the color in mine and pretty much the whole thing. 

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May 31 2017 08:51 PM

Great projects everyone. I have been working on a QOV. I started piecing it last week and finished piecing it on Sunday. I was able to get it quilted on Monday. I am now putting the binding on. (This picture is before I quilted it. I don't have a finished picture yet.)


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Another week of eye candy everyone.  Carol your art quilt tree is fabulous.  I could stare at it for hours.  Laura, love your treatment of that Mexican Star.  Your quilting made it look like a medallion.


I am still plugging away at the same quilt.  Back issues have kept me from putting in many hours at a time and it is slow going.  I only just hit the half way mark on Monday.


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Jun 02 2017 05:47 AM

Great projects, everyone.  As usual, I have nothing to show.  Wednesday always seems to be my least productive day as far as quilting goes.  Seems like all I do on Wednesdays is meet customers. 


Nancy, I love the little bag you made for your friend.  Where did you find such cute vinyl?

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That's a medium weight vinyl that I got at fabric.com. You can also get different weights of vinyl at places like Joann's. I love bags with vinyl! I recently got a Teflon foot that works really well when sewing vinyl. Before that, I used a walking foot with no problems.

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I just LOVE seeing everyone's projects!!  SEW inspiring!!


Nancy (rehak), you & I are both working on projects from Vicki's darling tablerunner!


While waiting for my ruler to arrive, so I can copy Vicki's curved triangles,  I'm working on a little outdoor cafe panel.  It reminded me of the tiny restaurant in Venice, FL where my friend & fellow nurse, Cheryl would meet for breakfast often.  She would call me just as she was getting off the night shift & I would drive down to meet her in downtown little Venice.  The restaurant was called "Le Petite Bistro", so that is what I'm naming this little quilt too. I am enjoying just doing free motion & following the lines in the picture.  I'm hoping to make some stucco looking blocks in the yellow but I need to practice those on something else first.


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Here is a photo of the real restaurant, with the same yellow walls & red awnings & black lamp post!  

The outdoor chairs are different but they always had tons of flowers around, just like the panel.



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