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  1. Adam. I'm enjoying playing with the techniques on your wholecloth dvd. Almost as much fun as quilting!

  2. Mary, I see you are in Ca. and in the mountains so I wonder if you are near me. I'm in Mt. Shasta.

  3. ditto what quiltgrandma said. awesome.
  4. Beckinator


    These are all absolutly incredible. I'm speechless.
  5. Beckinator

    Stellar Nursery

    very innovative. I like your style.
  6. Lin. I thank you for your sympathy.

  7. Thanks for your sympathy.

  8. I read your Wednesday WIP post. My heart goes out to you. I cried when I read your post. What an unimaginable way to loose a child. I hope that in time the quilt will be a source of comfort to you.

  9. Beckinator


    Really pretty. I love the plaid fabric you used . Very nice quilting too!