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  1. calicokat

    Added an overhead lightbar to my Gammill

    Wow! That looks awesome!! I'm a fellow cheapskate, could you provide close-up pix, and a "how-to" for some of us who'd like to copy your great idea?? Pretty please
  2. calicokat

    Quilts of Valor 2007

    These were for the Community Church of Columbus, Indiana's QoV group. A busy group of ladies who made about 850 quilts when we totalled the numbers for the 3 yr anniversary of the group! They were where I started my quilting, testing the waters on these quilt tops and learning new techniques. I've been quilting for them since Dec. 2006.
  3. calicokat

    first customer quilts 2007

    these were the first few customer quilts I had, all in the last part of 2007 or early 2008.