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    I love my family and my dogs! My husband and son are forever patient with me (and my quilting chatter!), and my dogs show their love for me 24/7 with their slobber and drools. I have two Cane Corso puppies, 8 and 9 months old (Italian Mastiffs), and a third on his way! Although they all take up much of my attention, there's probably nothing that can drag me away from my art studio/sewing studio for too long! Somewhere in between all that, I love to garden too!

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I have been a self-taught quilter for 22 years.  My background is originally in grahic arts; but I have now morphed my art skills together with what I have learned about quilting.  My passion is in creating Art Quilts.  I've got the "art" part down pretty well by now, but it is the "quilting" part that I am challenging myself on!  I find the whole process exciting, interesting and meditative, as well.  I can't imagine one day without creating!