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    MindyMarik's Artwork

    These are photos of my original Art.
  2. From the album: MindyMarik's Artwork

    This quilt is part of a SAQA traveling exhibit titled "Piecing Together a Changing Planet" and travels the United States through 2016.
  3. Mindy Marik


    From the album: MindyMarik's Artwork

    This is my self portrait. I love fruit fabric and bright colors. My twin sister is the black sheep of the family and I put her portrait in my selfie. She loves cats and they are also in her picture.
  4. Mindy Marik


    From the album: MindyMarik's Artwork

    Pattern available for this original artwork. This piece was constructed using an applique technique. It can be machine pieced as well, but I didn't plan it out completely before I started construction, so I choose to applique it to a "sewer cloth" foundation.