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  1. I quilt for hire and try to get photos of all the quilts I do. The photo journals the motifs and designs I used that worked and some that did not work so well.
  2. Linda, now I owe you and apology! I'm sorry I addressed my last PM to "Ramona" and not to "Linda".... No offense intended. I would have sent you a PM promptly after since I realized my error as soon as I clicked "send", but I am not allowed to send more than one PM per day, I guess! I will get the hang of things sometime, I guess! Take care, rebecca

  3. Linda, thanks for looking at my blog... I am in the process of moving it from the wordpress server to my website server so it's kind of in a state of limbo until I get it all figured out. I know just enough about web publishing to get me in trouble :)

  4. Rebecca, Tried going to your blog and I had some issues. I love the Tiger piece and the 3's and E's. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and ideas.