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    I live in the Pacific NW, just north of Seattle. I love to applique, read and of course, quilt with my Gammill. <br />My husband and I do alot of hiking, kayaking and bicycling. We are 10 minutes from the Puget Sound, only 1/2 hr from the mountains, the best of both worlds!
  1. Deb L-T

    Cedar Creek Quilting

    This is my guilds 08 Raffle Quilt. I was chair,(I have this problem, I keep saying Yes, when I should say No) and I designed this top around a Bird of Paradise from one of Jane Townswicks' books "Colorblend Applique". I live just north of Seattle and we had an exceptionally gray winter last year. I was obviously creating sunshine however I could. The Guild did everything from the orange border out, we had 120 members participate. I did the work inside that border, then assembled it all and did the quilting.