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  1. The boys refuse to smile for the camera. Suddenly, my year-long photography project just got harder. At least if I think I want any teeth to show in any of the pictures....they claim not to be sore or anything, yet. But I think YET is the key word...

  2. I think the boys had a pretty good 13th birthday. Lots of awesome presents. Now, it's time for a truly awful one. Today is the day they get their braces on. :(

  3. The number of teenagers living in my house jumps from 0 to 2 today. Happy 13th Birthday to Will and Joe! I suppose they are going to think they are allowed to get Facebook accounts now.

  4. Just finished watching "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World." I think the boys enjoyed it. It's pretty silly...I had forgotten a lot of it, but thought of you, Dad, the whole time we were watching.

  5. Baseball tournament day. North tama won the first game. Wish it weren't so H.O.T. Hopefully my sunscreen is thoroughly applied....

  6. Need to wrap some birthday presents. My paper options are Christmas and Girl. I guess I need to go buy some more wrapping paper.

  7. Didn't let my pot pie cool enough before I started eating, and burned my tongue. It is still quit sore. Yikes. You'd think I'd be old enough by now not to have that sort of thing happen.

  8. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! Mark and I just got back from a quick trip to Minnesota (Ikea, Mall of America, Cabela's, Outlet Malls...). After all of that walking, I definitely feel like I'm at least 40. Yikes. We came home to brownies that the boys had picked out and made. Yum!

  9. Am hosting a party for 50 plus people at my house tonight. It's an outdoor picnic, no one will be int he house for anything more than the bathroom, but you know I'm looking at the whole house thinking: I wonder if we have time to scrub the kitchen cabinets, maybe repaint some walls and refinish the floor....................

  10. The baseball game I didn't get to go to today? That's the one where both of my boys get hits all 3 times they are up to bat. It has been claimed that that means I'm bad luck. Mark's pretty sure it just means that their new bat and the extra BP they get at home has been helping. (BP = batting practice. Gotta know the lingo....)

  11. Today was the last day for the students. Tomorrow is the teacher's last day. After that, it'll be nice and quiet, which is good, because the secretary has a whole bunch of work to do in the next month....

  12. Yippee! Congratulations to the North Tama Class of 2012 -- you made it! (And Suzanne survived, too...without poking anyone, even!)

  13. Three hours until graduation. I'm mostly worried about how much blood I'm going to draw from the 50 people that need to have roses pinned on them...

  14. Today was the senior's "last" day -- although they do have to come for graduation practice in the morning. What a long day. And then the boys had dentist appointments in Waterloo, and then I forgot that I was supposed to be at choir practice at 6:30. I was still in Waterloo. Oops.

  15. Just gotta love the small town rumor mill. As it turns out: it is hard to be a finalist for a job you haven't even applied for.

  16. The North Tama Class of 2012 has TEN days of school left. TEN. (The rest of the students have...17). Hard to believe I'm almost at the end of MY first school year at NT.

  17. Track meet number 2 under our belt. Not the outcome the boys' might like to have, but someone has to come in last, right?

  18. We are home from prom! Had a good time -- food was good, and it was fun to see all of the kids in their finery. We watched the dancing and the taking of photos and when the photos were done, decided we were old and had had enough. I felt kinda bad leaving the rest of the staff/teachers that had to stay and chaperone...but not too bad....

  19. We are driving home through a torrential rain and the radio station is playing "the end of the world as we know it." Nice.

  20. Will made me Google something for him earlier. He wanted me to look up what you call the liquid in your eyeballs. Why did he need to know this? Your guess is as good as mine.

  21. Working on bookkeeping and loving it. Not.

  22. I'm accompanying 5th through 8th grade solo night. 18 kids down, 8 to go....

  23. Update from the vet: Cocoa is doing well, hobbled out to go to the bathroom, color is good, etc. Hopefully she'll be fine overnight and Mark will go get her in the morning.

  24. Doesn't appear that any bones are broken, her color/temp were good, but Cocoa's encounter with Mark's truck earned her an overnight stay at the vet's office. She's in pain, but vet thinks she's just banged up. Do you think she'll learn not to chase vehicles? Silly dog.

  25. If we were in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and my life depending on being able to do a single pull-up -- I would be dead right now.

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