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  1. To check on your expiration date, click on the link at the top of the page where it says "Signed in as XYZ" -- a dropdown menu will display, click on Client Area.


    On the left, click on MY PURCHASES. If you've purchased any classes or paid for a membership, it will be listed on the right, along with information about any relevant expiration dates, as well as renewal terms.

  2. Virtually all of MQR's resources are provided without charge to anyone who creates an account. Our commitment to this free access has not changed.


    Our new Friends of MQR subscription option is a way for members to help support the costs of maintaining and supporting the hosting and software fees that keep MQR running.


    Members will be given access to the premier videos that were offered to premier members in 2009/2010. The cost of a Friends of MQR Membership is $20 per year, and you can subscribe here. Subscriptions automatically generate renewal invoices yearly, but you do not have pay the renewal invoice, it will expire if it goes unpaid. You will not be automatically charged unless you set up a recurring PayPal payment.


    Please note that at this time we are NOT creating new premier videos.



    To start a new subscription, you can visit this link in our store: http://mqresource.com/forum/index.php?/store/product/1-friends-of-mqr/



    Existing Premier Memberships


    If you have purchased a premier membership at any time since June 2010, you will be receiving a 3 month extension on your membership. All premier members will be converted to Friends of MQR, and in the future, the new renewal rate will be $20, rather than the $27.95. As noted above, subscriptions automatically generate renewal invoices, but you can ignore these if you choose. You will not be automatically charged unless you set up a recurring PayPal payment.


    (I'm still working out the details of how I will be generating these 3 month extensions, you don't have to do anything, I'll be handling it behind the scenes).

  3. Suzanne is the administrator and owner of MQResource.


    Suzanne wears many hats: she has been a longarm quilter since 2001, she has written 2 books of machine quilting designs, she teaches longarm machine quilting, and she owns a small fabric and yarn shop in Eastern Iowa. She has taught in-person classes in her studio, and at several major longarm quilting shows: MQS, MQX and Quilting with Machines.


    She is married to Mark and they have twin boys (Will and Joe) who are 11 years old. The family is owned by two dogs, Katie and Cocoa.


    Suzanne is also an avid reader and watcher of SciFi TV shows. She also knits too much, and has started to officially learn web design, instead of just trying to fake it.


    Her website can be found at http://www.suzanneearley.net.


    Click here to view the article

  4. Creating an account at MQResource


    There is no fee to create an account, all you need is a valid e-mail address. The forums at MQResource can be a little overwhelming at first, there are many sections and a ton of information. Even if you just read, and don't post, though, you'll need an account, as this is the only forum you can see until you are logged in.



    1. From here, you'll need to go back to the Forum Home Page (clicking this link will open it in a new window).


    2. A pink bar displays underneath the header that says Welcome Guest ( Log In | Register ) . Click on the word REGISTER.


    3. Read through our terms of service, check the box saying you agree to abide by the terms, and then click the button that says REGISTER.


    4. Fill out the form to create an account. Please use the same e-mail address that you used when you paid for class, as that is how I will find you in the system in order to give you access to the classroom. (The address you received this e-mail from is the address you used to pay for class).


    5. Make sure you choose the appropriate time zone from the drop down box, and then click the SUBMIT MY REGISTRATION button.


    6. After a few minutes, you need to check your e-mail -- you will be receiving a confirmation e-mail, to make sure that your e-mail address was entered correctly, and to make sure it is really you registering, not a robot.


    7. Click the activation link in the e-mail you receive. If you don't get an e-mail within about 10-15 minutes, make sure you check your spam/junk folder before you e-mail me asking for help!


    8. We've had to implement a stricter validation process in order to combat spammers. After you activate your account, you'll have to wait for one of our administrators to also validate your account. We usually get this done pretty quickly, but please be patient. While you are waiting, you can log in, but you won't have access to all of our forums yet.


    Now what??


    Now that you are registered, you'll want to take some time to get familiar with the layout and functions of our forum. It's pretty straightforward -- I would encourage you to just start clicking on sections that sound interesting, looking for topics that you want to read about. We try to use descriptive subject lines, but we don't always manage that. There is a LOT of really wonderful information in our forums, and it might take awhile to figure out where it all is. If you need help, please ask.


    For a bit of help on where things are, you can try this article on the MQR home page.

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