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    I'm from small town Michigan, love my state and my quiet little town. Last August a new quilt store opened five blocks from my house. I had been quilting away in my basement studio with my new Handi Quilter with out anyone really even knowing I was here. Them one day the rumor of the quilt store started and I waited and one day the "Help Wanted" sign was posted and I walked in to meet the owner and spent an hour talking with her about quilting and fabric and yes I got the job. Since then I have quilted over 100 quilts for the store and for customers. It's a dream come true. I get to see all the new fabrics and talk quilting all day at work and then come home and long arm quilt!
  1. rainyshowers

    Wholecloth Class

    My homework
  2. I'm up for the challenge of this, sure is fun doing it small and with an eraser, sorry Adam
  3. Thanks Margo, now if I can only do this on my handi quilter!!
  4. Love how easy you make it to draw the feathers...Thank you. Not sure if I uploaded my homework correctly, really happy to upload anything!

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    Renee's Quilts

    Quilts I have quilted on my Handi Quilter