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  1. rainyshowers

    Wholecloth Class

    My homework
  2. I'm up for the challenge of this, sure is fun doing it small and with an eraser, sorry Adam
  3. Thanks Margo, now if I can only do this on my handi quilter!!
  4. Love how easy you make it to draw the feathers...Thank you. Not sure if I uploaded my homework correctly, really happy to upload anything!

  5. From the album: Wholecloth Class

    This is my first online class so I have alot to learn and am stumbling around here. I am very excited about this class and have been trying to do feathers like Adam for about 6 months now. Haven't been able to upload any pictures so I really hope this works!
  6. rainyshowers

    Renee's Quilts

    Quilts I have quilted on my Handi Quilter
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