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    I live in the country and would hate to live anywheres else. I love animals, specially my furry friends, Ally, Jaxie, and Buddy. And of course all my kittys. I have barn cats and porch cats, i shop cat, and she is also a house cat.<br /><br />I have a quilting business and stay as busy as I wish to be. I fine quilting on my longarm is very relaxing, and almost magic as I step up to the machine to begin. I love to see my customers faces when they see their quilts. One thing they all say is, why it looks so different than it did. I do agree with them as quilting brings a quilt to life.<br /><br />I enjoy piecing quilt tops. Cooking, and my family. I have one daughter who is a Surgical Nurse. Three grandkids, 16, 20, 31. and one G Grandaughter,Mary Denise who is 2 years.<br /><br />I lost my husband to cancer three years ago and my beautiful daughter, Denise, to cancer 8 years ago. Denise was 29 years old. Losing Denise was the hardest thing I have ever gone through.

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