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  1. Wonderful seeing you back! I prayed for you and your family so much this week. I hope the treatments are going well with no side affects.

  2. Hi Sue! I didn't notice I had a comment from you a few weeks ago. Thanks for the compliment on my website -- my hubby is a web designer. The cute baby is my son (he is 3 now).

  3. I enjoyed your website!!

    beautiful baby in the pictue too...

  4. YOU ROCK! I was so thrilled to see an article on you this week. Like I said on my blog, you are a quilter to watch! Nice work :)

  5. Hey! You are here again! How do you get to answer/read so many posts and still make so many beautiful quilts? You must have awesome kids that let you work!

  6. You are so sharp! You always seem to find me ;)

  7. Hey you! Glad to see you here!

    Angels on your body.

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