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  1. Harry Potter tonight!!! WOOT!!!! :)

    1. icluesew


      Let us know if it is any good?

    2. Leslie8671


      It was TERRIFIC!!! I cried from halfway through till the end!!! Very well done!!

  2. Leslie8671


    Thanks Linda.... I haven't done any feathers on any of the last few quilts I've done, but I have done about 3-4 fleece blankets with a large feather meander on them... They turned out pretty well actually.... Just waiting on the right quilt
  3. Leslie8671


    Hi Leeanna... that picture of the quilt on the bed isn't my quilt... it's a picture of a quilt I WANT to make It's a Georgia Bonesteel design called Grandma Evans' Chicken Feet.... weird name, but that's what it says! It's a quilt-as-you-go pattern, but I just want to piece it regularly into a top and then put it on my frame whenever I get it together... It is all cut out at least Problem is, I started piecing it together years ago and didn't know at the time about 1/4" seams, so they're all bigger seams than that... Now I'll have to train myself to piece it wrong with big seams.. .t
  4. It's flurrying today!!! Love snow :)

    1. ~Trish~


      Please don't send it to VA! I'm already ready for spring! lol

  5. Do you have a place near you that does tropies and such....laser enrgaving? We have a place here that can laser cut anything you want......and etch the lines on them...........really cheap

  6. Hockey Season starts tonight!! GO PENS!! :)

  7. It's October!!! WOW!

  8. finally got her Voyager!!! :)

    1. Mel


      Congrats! Have fun

    2. kacy 49

      kacy 49

      I am so glad for you. Cant wait to see some pictures. Kacy

  9. Leslie8671


    Ha ha... thanks so much... This was actually my living room, that's why it's all burgundy and tan... I like it though, so it's staying These are my kinds of colors... it is really "warm" isn't it! hahaha