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  1. Harry Potter tonight!!! WOOT!!!! :)

    1. icluesew


      Let us know if it is any good?

    2. Leslie8671


      It was TERRIFIC!!! I cried from halfway through till the end!!! Very well done!!

  2. It's flurrying today!!! Love snow :)

    1. ~Trish~


      Please don't send it to VA! I'm already ready for spring! lol

  3. Hockey Season starts tonight!! GO PENS!! :)

  4. It's October!!! WOW!

  5. finally got her Voyager!!! :)

    1. mel


      Congrats! Have fun

    2. kacy 49

      kacy 49

      I am so glad for you. Cant wait to see some pictures. Kacy

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