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  1. Twotulips

    Quilts by Cheryl Anne

    I started quilting in 2009. These are pictures of the quilts I have made thus far.
  2. Thanks so much , there is hope then that I too will get such symmetrical motifs, lol. I also meant to ask you what brand machine do you have? Many thanks, Rowena

  3. Your quilting is so lovely, I wondered if it's all freehand (not computerised)? If freehand how do you get your feather motif so balanced and even ( in the centres of the Antique Double Weddibg Ring you recently posted in Finished quilts forum? Do you make a template out of paper or card?

    Thanks ,


  4. Hi Cheryl Anne, I wanted to ask a question about french bull dogs. My Ruby was one last Friday and she went into heat the weekend before. The vet said to wait until she is three to breed her. Also do you know of a good donner that is either brindle, black and tan or cream?. Also do you have c-sections. I am worried I will loose a puppy if she whelps on her own. Many Thanks,Nora

  5. Twotulips


    Hi Judy, just saw your post. I do all my quilting free motion. Thank you for taking the time to comment!
  6. You will be so happy with this machine. I got my Premier about a year ago. I only quilt for my own pleasure but I can't get those quilts pieced fast enough anymore. I just love using the longarm. Congratulation on the new addition!!!
  7. Twotulips

    Feather Bootcamp

    Practice Feathers
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