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    Family, quilting, sewing, English Bulldogs, gardening, endurance cycling (road bicycle), swimming, triathlon & working out whenever I can.

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  1. It is a bit warmer here! about the 60's Obviously we do not get anywhere near the snow you get. Shucks I was hoping you were in Las Cruces or something but Rio Rancho is a Long way away. My kids went to school in ABQ and gosh that can seem like a long trip! I hope you have a great day!


  2. Hi Tracy I was wondering what part of NM you are in. I'm way south in Deming.

    Thanks Karen

  3. is excited to receive my new M & M wheels for Max next week! Wooooo hoooo!! Life is good.

  4. is thankful for today. Life is SWEET!

  5. is ready, willing and able. As time permits! Life is good.

  6. Happy Birthday Lissa! Hope your day is fabulous.

  7. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope your day is fantastic.

  8. is quilting and humming because life is good.

  9. is ready to learn and willing to do the work. Life ROCKS!

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