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    I love everything about quilts.... fabric, colors, art, texture, stitches..... ALL of it! I also enjoy photography, nature and traveling.

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  1. I learned how to knit tonight. I am BEYOND excited!

  2. Hope those who are at Quilting With Machines are learning lots and having fun.

    1. Bellquilter


      I sure did! Wish you could have come! -- Lynn

  3. I thought my signature would show up. This is Cindy Briggs.

  4. Hey, Gayle, I hope that you didn't hurt the little frog. I did a bunch of frogging today. It is nice to see a familar face here.

  5. Instead of frogging a quilt, I quilted a frog today.

  6. I think she is beautiful. I love her shoes! And her face! I had so much trouble with the face. Dont know how you did it, but it worked! Gayle