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  1. I use a longarm. This was my first wholecloth quilt!
  2. Joy-in-Illinois

    Joy in Illinois - Quilts

    Quilts I have done since purchasing my machine in March, 2010.
  3. Can't wait to see Lorna's quilt at Paducah!!

  4. I want to thank everyone who has helped our parents over the last several days. The outpouring of support, friendship, and genuine concern has been overwhelming and so very very appreciated.We're working on getting them back to the old home place as as we can. Today was a good day - we found the cat that had been missing since the fire. Hallelujah!

  5. Check out this year's company Christmas "card".

  6. She says it perfectly. Break the silence. Pass it on.

  7. Kate Laskowski with her quilt at Quilt Market. Looks great!!

  8. Hmmm. It said I looked 35 with the photo I used in my profile pic and 60 in one taken at the office! I guess I need to wear sunglasses all the time and quit working. :-)

  9. more awesome quilts I loved at the show.

  10. Some of the awesome quilts I saw yesterday. I haven't seen them all yet.

  11. This beautiful quilt designed and pieced by Kate at Main Street Quilt Co in Shelbyville and quilted by ME is appearing in the upcoming edition of Quilt Sampler magazine in May. I'll share more pics later. Congratulations KAte!!Main Street Quilt Company | AllPeopleQuilt.com

  12. Just won two tickets to see Brantley Gilbert at the Illinois State Fair on Aug 23. Who wants to go with me?!!

  13. I got serious about my health last October when my A1C levels reached 9.5. Yes, 9.5. For those of you who do not know, that is extremely high blood glucose levels. I had a new doctor for that visit and some of the things he said resonated with me. I started keeping track of every single thing I put in my mouth via an app called MyFitnessPal. That helped me do two things - it showed exactly how many calories I was eating (a lot) and how much sugar content was included in those calories (a lot...

  14. Latest customer quilt off the frame for Shirley.

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