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  1. 105* in this parking lot...waiting for Mick to reurn from camping at LBJ lake

  2. 1st day for DH back to work....got only a few blocks from the house and the car stops working. Yep, the same one that the oil light came on for me 2 months in a row when I tried to go to quild meeting. It's had check engine and oil lights come on. DH had the diagnostics done and they said it was something whacky in the panel. Hmmmm maybe not. So far @ about $800 for voltage spike that took out the battery and alternator. Plus all my morning! At least I work from home and could deal...

  3. 2 hrs at dentist office with the boys and no hand work prepared. Already read everything in the office.

  4. 8 minutes remaining...and now I could sleep!

  5. After 3 nights of little sleep, I got in 6 1/2 hours straight last night. Gosh makes you feel like a new person. B has late arrival today at school - 11AM!! Of course I'm out of bed by 6:30 but that is still sleeping in and I slept the entire night. Too bad everyone else is still asleep - I'm ready to get to work and make some noise!

  6. After a long debate with myself...I'm staying home and working on the frame. I got all the remaining components 1/2 completed for my Bali quilt at our workshop yesterday. Woohoo! Would love to go to sew-in today and finish those little oval units...but this quilt on the frame is calling sweetly.

  7. Another aspect to Isaac. Calling around to inquire on insurance rates prior to renewal for house and cars. Seems some may not be writing new policies - depends on what happens with Isaac!

  8. Appliance man here. Working NEW oven soon!

  9. Awesome dinner tonight. Had Mick with me at grocery today. Sampled 3 entree's and one soup that Mick said I had to make..... Soup was my favorite and the sauce/base came from a jar! plus a Chicken dish for dinner ... YUMMMMM delish!

  10. Binding... DONE! What a chore that is. Between cleaning up your work area after making and quilting the quilt, trimming to finished size, cutting and sewing strips for binding, pressing, attaching to one side, flipping and 1000 pins later finally stitching the 2nd side. Whew. Glad that is DONE! And people wonder why we charge so much for binding.....

  11. Cable guy found the problem pretty fast.... Neighbors had a new phone line installed and they CUT the line going to our house from the common equipment. He's having to lay new line....

  12. Can you believe it is 76*?! Really nice break from too hot too fast here this summer.

  13. Can you believe that July is almost over?!

  14. Change in plans and I don't have to go anywhere this evening - woohoo! Doesn't take much to make me happy.

  15. Comcast out 2 days ago for about 4 hours, yesterday about 4pm went out again and still no service. Tv works, no internet and phone. Oddly, could not get my wireless to work last night either but my resets worked this AM. We get so used to having our access!

  16. Comcast you are history! I'll gladly pay whatever the minimum requirement is to get them OUT of my life.... Geesh what do folks do that fall for their 2 years rates/contract? Now guess what.... they somehow ERASED all my future recordings. Not one show remains. And they are not user friendly to set up recordsing either.... UGH. Oh well, my gain. FIVE days of dealing with them this week alone... I'm done.

  17. Crazy hot. 88 with heat index of 103. I'm ready for much cooler weather.

  18. Double tournaments today. I'm dragging. Next few weekends are booked with activities too. Only about 30 days more school then summer break!

  19. Driving 30 minutes each way to get to a doc on your plan...when a good one a family member goes to is 5 minutes from your own driveway....

  20. Errand day on top of rain and wind chill in the 20's. Bus run by car at 630 due to rain never hits my want to do list lol! Ortho, dentists... Still sitting and waiting plus more on the list....ugh

  21. Finally, an evening w/o running kids somewhere. As much as I miss hubby being able to help with the chores and kids (most nights he rounds up the boys and they deal with dishes and kitchen cleanup)... I miss him more when there are these opps to just breath. He'll be home tomorrow night - well after I pick him up at the airport LOL!

  22. Flight delays... rain. Hopefully the current time holds true and I'll be headed to pick up my hubby soon!

  23. Fun project this afternoon painting furniture black for b's bedroom. Really looks nice! Turned our old bedroom set into something fresh and modern. Now back to my little 1.5" sewing project.

  24. Gizzy is so much better during thunderstorms. He used to be so scared and wildky out of control. Now he can feel somewhat secure in my lap. But he's trembling so hard!

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