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  1. Project after project...too many things out. Cleaned my sewing studio. Now to figure out where I left off with my Bali Wedding Star. I reclaimed my desk/cutting table from Mickey. Woohoo!

  2. Home....but still on edge. Storms, no power, no street lights, no traffic lights....winds picked up our patio cover and tossed into yard...

  3. Fun project this afternoon painting furniture black for b's bedroom. Really looks nice! Turned our old bedroom set into something fresh and modern. Now back to my little 1.5" sewing project.

  4. Yeah! My appt. for the day is over and kids don't have to be anywhere tonight - woohoo!!!! But....There's a mountain of laundry and out of milk. Think I'll do a quick dash to the grocery then juggle the rest of my day doing laundry and something in my sewing studio!!!! I only have 4 projects out at the moment - just need to pick which one.

  5. Have you been watching history channels Hatfields and McCoys mini-series? A few of my friends don't like it but we 4 sat watching our recorded Episode 1 last night riveted to the TV set. We will be gathered around the big TV tonight too watching Episode #2.

  6. Kadie did not read the message that we are on summer break and don't have to be out of bed @ 6am...

  7. Appliance man here. Working NEW oven soon!

  8. Good grief. 6am on my day off.... But the birds are so happy!

  9. Gosh I miss Pastor Tim and his style of services. Today's service here left me so depressed.

  10. Finally, an evening w/o running kids somewhere. As much as I miss hubby being able to help with the chores and kids (most nights he rounds up the boys and they deal with dishes and kitchen cleanup)... I miss him more when there are these opps to just breath. He'll be home tomorrow night - well after I pick him up at the airport LOL!

  11. Pizza Delivery! YUM.

  12. I thought I could be content this week piecing on my Bali Wedding Star but I so want to load a quilt today. Hmmmm, wonder what I could find small to throw on? NOOOO must stay focused and work on the Bali Wedding Star. I have ADD when it comes to my projects - I seem to thrive having multiple projects out.

  13. My husbands' car does not like me. Last month headed to quilt guild meeting 45 minutes away...the oil light comes on. I took his car to guild tonight for the gas mileage....guess what, cranked up car to leave. Oil light is on!

  14. Productive day today! I don't know what it is about houses these days. Our house before this one was 11 yrs old when we bought it. No knobs or handles on any of the kitchen cabinets. I did not like the color so ended up 5 years before our remodel and finally gots knobs. This house was 5 years old... no knobs or handles. Today, installed nobs not only in the kitchen but 2 of the baths as well. Looks amazing AND is functional. What is wrong that people don't do handles anymore?

  15. Ms. Kadie is ridiculously happy and playful this morning. She insisted I get up @ my M-F time instead of my Saturday - Mickey Barbershop time which would have given me an extra hour of sleep. She even insisted I open the blinds even though it is still dark outside. She's so darn happy but even her mood won't change mine that I am ticked. I wanted that sleep!

  16. After 3 nights of little sleep, I got in 6 1/2 hours straight last night. Gosh makes you feel like a new person. B has late arrival today at school - 11AM!! Of course I'm out of bed by 6:30 but that is still sleeping in and I slept the entire night. Too bad everyone else is still asleep - I'm ready to get to work and make some noise!

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