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  1. Adam. I'm enjoying playing with the techniques on your wholecloth dvd. Almost as much fun as quilting!

  2. Mary, I see you are in Ca. and in the mountains so I wonder if you are near me. I'm in Mt. Shasta.

  3. ditto what quiltgrandma said. awesome.
  4. These are all absolutly incredible. I'm speechless.
  5. Beckinator

    Stellar Nursery

    very innovative. I like your style.
  6. Lin. I thank you for your sympathy.

  7. Thanks for your sympathy.

  8. I read your Wednesday WIP post. My heart goes out to you. I cried when I read your post. What an unimaginable way to loose a child. I hope that in time the quilt will be a source of comfort to you.

  9. Beckinator


    Really pretty. I love the plaid fabric you used . Very nice quilting too!