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  1. A long, long time ago, I went on a date and came home from that date and told my sister I was going to marry that guy! I didn't see him again for a month. I thought I was completely wrong. I wasn't. We have now been married for 38 years today, have had 6 kids (3 girls and 3 boys not in that order) and have 7 (soon to be 8) gorgeous and way smart, sweet, loving grandchildren as well as 2 awesome sons-in-law and 3 beautifully awesome daughters-in-law! We count our blessings everyday!

  2. Anyone in the Champaign area interested in being part of the Time Out for Women crew? They are in need of another person to help us sell tickets to the TOFW conference this September in St. Louis area. It is a fabulous conference and you get to go for free when you are a helper!! I am doing it. Let me know if you are interested and I'll get you hooked up!! :)

  3. Exhausted. Going to bed! It's only 7:31! Can't keep my eyes open any longer. Good night !

  4. Going home after a wonderful and very busy week in Salt Lake City! Just starting to board the plane now!

  5. Going out to dinner with my husband tonight! Where should we go??? Any suggestions? Maybe a movie too? Any suggestions? We saw Avengers last week---I wasn't too excited about it tho. Other ideas?

  6. Grandchild number 7 was born last night at 6:37 p.m. His name is Cohen Andrew Springer! 7 lbs. and 19" long! Woo Hoo! Little Ruby Jane Springer was #6 and born only a few weeks ago! I love having grandchildren! Grandchild #8 is due the end of June!

    1. Jo Ann Gruber

      Jo Ann Gruber

      Congratulations on the newest addition to your family!

  7. Had a nice phone call from Dianne and am now going to sleep! Good night!

  8. Having a grandbaby today!

  9. Having a well-deserved 60 minute massage right now! Yes!

  10. I am excited to stay home the whole month of June! I can't say that for July August October November or December! It has been a busy year. We will welcome 4 new grandchildren by the end of this year as well as celebrate my 40th high school reunion!

  11. I just had my first FaceTime with my newest little grandson, Jack. He is such a doll! We got to see him be wide awake, wiggle his little tongue back and forth and even sneeze! I love electronics that help bring families closer together!

  12. I just spent a glorious hour talking to my friend, Carolyn Newman. Man, I miss her. She is one of the best people in this whole world!

  13. I love it when Amy is so happy!!! Makes a 'mother heart' even happier!

  14. I never knew that my home state would be where I would go on vacation. So many people go to California for a vacation - I just lived there. Now, I've lived in Illinois LONGER than I lived in California!! How could that happen? Next week I will be going there on vacation to see my daughter's family, attend DISNEYLAND, California Adventure, the beach, shopping, playing with Chloe and Preslie, and having a blast! YAY! I can't wait!

  15. I think I need a dose of Chloe, Preslie, Livi, Aidan, Ruby, Hallie, Cohen and Jack!! That would help tons!!

  16. I'm a grandma again to a new little grandson! Congrats Dan and Brooke!!! You'll be fabulous parents! We now have 3 grandsons and 5 grand daughters with another grandchild coming in December! Yahoo!

  17. It's so late but how can I go to bed when I am downloading Office Mac for my new iMac computer? We desperately needed a new computer! Just ask Stacey and its been a year since she was here!

  18. Just booked a trip to Anaheim to see my daughter, son-in-law and grand daughters! I can't wait!

  19. Just kinda in a slump. Just feeling 'slumpy' - is that a feeling?

  20. Just received my Silhouette Cameo from Fed Ex Ground. They forgot to load it on the truck yesterday or I would have received it yesterday!! :) So excited to take it out and start reading the instruction manual! Yes, I really do read it! :) My kids are all feeling better today too - many of them had the throwing up bug - even in different states! :( Not cute. And one has a sinus infection. :( Sorry kiddos. Glad you didn't have all of that when I was there last week!

  21. Just woke up from a nice 3-hour Sunday afternoon nap! I think I was burning the candle at both ends and needed a good long nap! I love quiet Sunday afternoons!

  22. Last night I went to a fun Valentine-themed Relief Society meeting for Church and had a good time - but I realized that I was the oldest person there! Seriously? How did this happen??? Unbelievable. Reality. :( Glad tho that all the young'ens love me!! (I think)!!!

  23. My 56" x 57" flannel wall hanging appraised today at $1800.00! Made me so happy!

    1. Tina Higley

      Tina Higley

      HOLY COW! I've been outta the loop!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I knew I loved that quilt...I have exquisite taste!!! I'll bet you can't wait to get started on the next one!

  24. My dog ate both my plants while we were at church today including a silk flower from a special flower arrangement. I am wondering if he is really sicker than we know. I wish he could talk and tell me what's going on. In the meantime, he will be outside whenever we are gone from now on forever.

  25. One more thing. Andrew is finally home from scout camp. He went all the time with our boys Nd has now gone every year with all of your boys too! Maybe it's time for the dads of the scout boys to buck up and go with their own kids for a change. Our turn is done!!!

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