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  1. Concourse d' Elegance

  2. With John Walsh Caught in a huge thunderstorm#pouringrain

  3. I'm so thankful that mother nature is holding back snowing in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Loving this time to be here.

  4. Checking in with a connection @ Harveys South Lake Tahoe, Ca.John Walsh is with me and they do not support cell phones.

  5. I just attended the most fun, beautiful,amazing MQX show.The teachers were so talented and I learned so many new techniques. Thank you Janet Lee and Mary.:-)

  6. Going to a beautiful mountain_ Mt. Whitney

  7. Hi I just posted a comment to Carol Indy cat quilts. It shows my status as joining this year rather than 2007. I am a newbie, yet bought my first longarm machine in 2005. I realize that after the new server changed I began logging in with FB. Any help here? I'm back.

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