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  1. This is going to be one big quilt! Enzo was helping me make Beth Garvin-Smith T-Shirt quilt :)

  2. So I tried to fix the date issue, but it is finally setting in that I am now officially engaged and actually get to plan the wedding!

  3. UPDATE: I have been approved for my business loan and even had 3 competitors! (GO BUSINESS PLAN!) I have found a used 2007 Gammill 26" Longarm with only 5 hours on it! I need to finish getting a few things around before I can setup the delivery date. I am so impatient! On that same not, my paperwork for my LLC has been approved. I am now officially JUST QUILTED TREASURES, LLC :D

  4. Today has been fun... smashing a thumb in the car door hurts more than one would think until they do it.

  5. I ordered my Kindle Fire HD... it says I will get it Sept. 21.

  6. Does anyone else think that sometimes researching things makes your decision even more difficult? I wish I was one of those people who could just buy something and be done with it. No research just a quick decision of I want this and I'm going to buy it.

  7. I want the new Kindle Fire HD! GIMME!

  8. I was in the shower and Jason comes in all worried saying "What happened? Are you O.K.?" I open the curtain and it looks like a mini crime scene with blood all over. It wasn't me. Enzo had clipped his back paw on the wall vent. We think he was trying to jump under the towel and hit it. There was blood all over the bathroom floor, toilet, outside of the tub, prints all over the carpet in the bedroom, and on a glass table. Poor guy. At least we got his paw cleaned up. I used the coagulant on it...

  9. I broke my Kindle last night :( Time for a new one.

  10. AQS Grand Rapids is AWESOME! After walking around from 8:30am until after 6pm, my feet are killing me. I'm glad I'm going back Sat. I didn't get to see all the quilts and I forgot my camera, but I did buy over 30 fat quarters and 10 1-yards of fabric! Not to mention wool batting and bamboo batting to try.

  11. Enzo won't be coming home until Monday :(

  12. I miss my baby Enzo. I know he is in amazing hands, but I want my crazy kitten back and healthy. :( The other kitties were looking for him.

  13. Enzo went back into surgery to clean his wound. They put a shunt in to keep a pocket drained and he is staying with the vet at her home for a little while. Poor Enzo. Wonder when he will be good enough to come home :( I miss the bugga.

  14. Enzo is staying at the vet in observation. His incision is infected and he is in a lot of pain. :(

  15. Enzo went in to get neutered today. There were complications and now he has to stay overnight due to bruising and pain control. They also want to make sure he will be ok. They may keep him a second night.

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