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  1. i'll send to u privately

  2. Oh Diana! Don't give up on yourself. You have been under so much stress I can't believe you still worked hard at the 50/50 club. Time now to settle in to your new job, let all of that even itself out, and take care of YOU however YOU can. You know yourself better than any of us could. Maybe try WW online for a while. Understand that there are "things" that you cannot g...

  3. sammi

    Cross by the River

    You moved my heart ...
  4. Hi Lisa ... I was just re-reading some of our posts ... and FYI, check with an oral surgeon about those antibiotics pre-dental work. "They" changed the rules a couple of years ago ... so after 50 years of antibiotics (gag) I now have no problems ... medicine! But it is also a miracle worker.