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  1. I'm a bit behind due to illnesses. Is there a way to download the photos in bulk? zip file? something besides each individual photo? thanks.

  2. has not set their status

  3. Deb Levy

    Deb 2

    article photos
  4. Deb Levy

    grid based backgrounds

    pic from the video
  5. Deb Levy

    earlier customer quilts

    customer quilts completed prior to 2008
  6. Deb Levy

    Deb's quilts

    personal quilts
  7. Deb Levy

    customer quilts 2008

    Some of the quilts I have quilted for customers this year
  8. She is great, Shirley! I love the shoes! And you did a great job with her face. I really had trouble with the face...the sculpting part.
  9. Deb Levy


    They are great Kay!
  10. Meet "Ms Fairly Funky"
  11. Deb Levy


    Meet "Ms. Fairly Funky"
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