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  1. Update from the vet: Cocoa is doing well, hobbled out to go to the bathroom, color is good, etc. Hopefully she'll be fine overnight and Mark will go get her in the morning.

  2. Doesn't appear that any bones are broken, her color/temp were good, but Cocoa's encounter with Mark's truck earned her an overnight stay at the vet's office. She's in pain, but vet thinks she's just banged up. Do you think she'll learn not to chase vehicles? Silly dog.

  3. If we were in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and my life depending on being able to do a single pull-up -- I would be dead right now.

  4. Today, I had the pleasure of being able to ask Mark if he'd be my date to Prom.

  5. And....we're home. Thanks to the Ellsworths for hosting us. I hope we didn't teach your children too many bad habits...

  6. Everybody ready to sing? We just passed the exit for Gary, Indiana....

  7. Stopped for the night in a hotel in Ohio, watching the Cyclones...less than 500 miles to go tomorrow.

  8. New Jersey! Approx. one hour to our destination!

  9. It's a good thing pennsylvania is such a narrow state. oh. wait....

  10. Only 799 miles to go. Wait. 798...797...

  11. Some people go to warm and/or exotic locations for spring break. The Earleys are going to New Jersey.

  12. Two more days until spring break. I've never really been a fan of actually have a full week off in March, but right now? I'll take it.

  13. I pinned a chocolate cake in a mug recipe on pinterest last night. Didn't make it last night cause I didn't have eggs...We just tried it. Meh. It might have been my ingredients, or it might have been the cooking time, but overall: we were exceedingly underwhelmed. Even taking in to account that it was a microwaved cake...well, let's just say that Mark, who eats nearly everything...wasn't even willing to try it. The boys and I took tastes and...the rest of it is in the disposal.Luckily, th...

  14. Spring training has started: the boys are at their 2nd preseason "optional" pitching session of the year.

  15. I think I should audition for The Voice.

  16. 16 years ago today, the pastor preached about how we are all "Odd Couples." Weirdest danged wedding sermon EVER. the end of the day we were married, so that's all that really mattered. :) Sixteen! My marriage is old enough for a driver's license.

  17. I have a sore throat. I hope it's just from yelling at the basketball game. The alternative (that I'm coming down with something...) is not acceptable.

  18. So proud of the Redhawks. They may have lost the game, but we think they are pretty awesome.

  19. Getting ready to head to Des Moines to watch the Redhawk girls in their first state basketball tournament. Sadly, Joe is not feeling well and isn't coming with us. :(

  20. Yippee. My websites are all down.

  21. Congrats to the North Tama Redhawk GIrls Basketball team: heading to the state tournament for the first time in school history. The boys play in their 2nd round playoff game...*I* am going to be singing the National Anthem as a duet with a student. Yikes.

  22. Even though I know there won't be any mail out there, I have this overwhelming urge to go check the mailbox.

  23. Will and Joe (and Mark...) did not catch a Princess Bride reference the other day and I was stunned: they had seen it, but it had not made a lasting impression, apparently. When I made them watch it last night...they were just lucky that I kept my mouth shut, because I wanted so badly to quote lines before the actors said them...

  24. I have the Star Spangled Banner stuck in my head.