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  2. Great I Spy! I love them too and this will be treasured and loved! Jo Ann is the fixer of all incorrectly placed posts.
  3. Lissa

    I Spy

    Fun quilt! He's going to love it!
  4. Vicki in MN

    I Spy

    Really sweet!
  5. nancySD

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    Lots of cute fabrics!
  6. Jean Shute

    I Spy

    Adorable. That's a treasure. He'll have a great time finding all the fun things.
  7. Helen Hubert

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    Very cute. That is great border fabric!
  8. Polly C

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    Well, obviously I didn't post it in Final Product where I intended. Maybe I will just stick to my laptop instead of the iphone!!! If anyone knows how to move the original post feel free to do so.
  9. brunerwoman

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    I love it. Great job. I like making I Spy quilts...I've made several. love those dots.
  10. Polly C

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    Trying for the first time to post photos from my iPhone. Hopefully it works! I made this for my great grandson for his 2nd birthday.
  11. Hi Peggy, glad to hear you'll be teaching at the longarm group.  I've taught there a few times over the years and they are all nice people.  They couldn't meet the two years of Covid lockdown and then lost the meeting place.  I heard they had found a new place but it's quite a ways from where I live so I haven't been there since the move.  After 20 plus years of longarm work for others, I'm pretty much just doing my own and a few for my favorite customers.  This gives me time to pursue art quilts and to get back to painting fine art.  I was able to retire early so I looked for ways to use my art degree that would keep me busy and provide some play money for my own projects.  Too often I was so busy with other people's quilts that I didn't have time for my own.  Now I have that time, I'm a bit jealous of sharing it.  You probably feel the same way.

    I'll check in to see when you're scheduled and if I can, I'll stop by to say hello.

    Good luck - Jean

    1. Peggy Holt

      Peggy Holt

      Hi Jean,  I just found this!

      You are correct: not a lot of customer work any more.  The business seems to be "retiring" of its own volition.  That's fine with me.  Like you, I am concentrating on my art quilts and teaching classes.  At this end of my life, I am choosing to do things that bring me joy!

      Hope to see you.  The meeting is March 18th.

  12. Hi Linda, I was going through my quilts the other day and came across our international themed pieces.  I don't even remember the last theme we went with and where they might be.  Do you know anything about them?  Seems like Covid put an end to many things.  

    Thanks - Jean

  13. Shirley, did you sell all your Accuquilt dies?  I've been collecting this past year and have quite a few, but thought I'd check to see what you're selling.  I'm 74 now, but not ready to give up on making quilts and quilting them.  I am cleaning out a lot of books and other "creative" things I'm no longer interested in.  I can't believe how much "stuff" a person can collect over the years.  Anyway... let me know what dies you still have.  You may have a treasure I don't have yet.

    Thanks - Jean

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    2. brunerwoman


      OK, I made an Excel file of those I am interested in selling. I hope that comes through ok. These are the old dies that are heavy 1" wood. There are a few GO dies at the end of the list. If you have any questions or need pics of anything, just let me know.

      Now I have to go mow some grass...between rains. haha



      Dies for Sale.xls

    3. Jean Shute

      Jean Shute

      Hi Shirley, sorry, I just had a chance to get back on my computer.  I don't have the Studio Accuquilt cutter, but I do have the large Sizzix and it will cut the Studio dies.  If you still have them I'd like the round flowers set 3 a b and c and the rose sampler set.    Let me know how much the total would be with shipping.  I can send the money by Pay Pal or check which ever you would prefer.

      By the way, 74 is a very good age.  Old enough to know better but young enough to still do it.

      Thanks - Jean

    4. Jean Shute

      Jean Shute

      I forgot to tell you where I live for shipping:  Otis Orchards, WA 99027

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