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  2. Jean Shute

    Vicki in MN

    Add me to the ladies who appreciate your sharing your beautiful work. Thanks Vicki!
  3. Cheri

    Vicki in MN

    All so wonderful...and I'm betting, all sold. Always love to see what you do. So creative.
  4. Lissa

    Vicki in MN

    This is such a treat to see so many of your creations - some I don't remember seeing before and others I've admired. Thanks Vicki.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to make the panel gallery!
  6. Helen Hubert

    Vicki in MN

    Oh, Vicki, thankyou for starting this! I've always been so impressed with the way you handle panels. This will be a great source for inspiration. ❤️
  7. nancySD

    Vicki in MN

    Thanks for putting this together - it's a great collection of eye candy and inspiration!
  8. Vicki in MN

    Vicki in MN

    @brunerwoman, I am kinda lagging behind in posting so I probably didn't post it. I'll try to do that later this week.
  9. brunerwoman

    Vicki in MN

    I love the black cat with the ghosts. I hadn't seen that one before.
  10. I have seven of the dies you used in your quilt top (and a lot more that aren't).  I've been seriously considering the fern die, but I see it's quite a bit larger than most of the others.  Hmmmm...... I'll have to think about that one.  

    I have the electric go cutter and the baby.  I use both quite a bit.  What did we do before Accuquilt!

    Hope all goes well for your Hubby. Not fun when either of you is sick.  Take care - Jean

    1. sueinscottsdale


      Yes, the palm die makes a much larger block when you put 4 of them together but I have seen so many ideas using the individual ferns. I think this die is really versatile - I just need to find the time to really play with it. 

      I know what you mean about what did we do before AccuQuilt. I purchased my first Go! when they were first introduced (about 2008 I think). I have just added to my collection ever since and have really purchased with all the new die-to-tries that have been introduced. One I don't have but I am thinking of getting is being re-introduced in a couple weeks. It is the Lotus and I think this is another one that you can take the individual pieces and do some interesting things with them. I have been buying from Ladyfingers Sewing in Pennsylvania because their prices are better than AccuQuilt and they don't charge sales tax. Also, if you order more than $100, they ship for free. Several times my order was less than $100 so I added a cone of thread. They use USPS for shipping and they are very responsive to you. I really like dealing with them.

      Thanks for thinking of my husband. He is finally getting better but June was a terrible month and no one can explain exactly what went wrong other than to blame it on his weight. It has been very frustrating to both of us and I am really tired. I can't wait for things to get back to a more normal.

    2. Jean Shute

      Jean Shute

      I started out with Sizzix quilt dies when they were doing that.  I liked them and have several.  Unfortunately, they don't do that anymore.  I think Accuquilt has changed hands and their sales aren't what they used to be.  I order from Quilt in a Day because they don't charge tax and shipping is free on Accuquilt dies.  I see that their prices have gone up too.  I checked out Ladyfingers and they had a good sale price on the new Tea pot die.  Not sure why I bought that, but it's cute and I'll probably use it for quick gifts for girlfriends.  Hang in there.


  11. Cheri

    I Spy

    So cute! Always so fun. I enjoy quilting them, too, and getting to see all the cute fabrics that people use in them.
  12. Great I Spy! I love them too and this will be treasured and loved! Jo Ann is the fixer of all incorrectly placed posts.
  13. Lissa

    I Spy

    Fun quilt! He's going to love it!
  14. nancySD

    I Spy

    Lots of cute fabrics!
  15. Jean Shute

    I Spy

    Adorable. That's a treasure. He'll have a great time finding all the fun things.
  16. Helen Hubert

    I Spy

    Very cute. That is great border fabric!
  17. Polly C

    I Spy

    Well, obviously I didn't post it in Final Product where I intended. Maybe I will just stick to my laptop instead of the iphone!!! If anyone knows how to move the original post feel free to do so.
  18. brunerwoman

    I Spy

    I love it. Great job. I like making I Spy quilts...I've made several. love those dots.
  19. Polly C

    I Spy

    Trying for the first time to post photos from my iPhone. Hopefully it works! I made this for my great grandson for his 2nd birthday.
  20. Hi Peggy, glad to hear you'll be teaching at the longarm group.  I've taught there a few times over the years and they are all nice people.  They couldn't meet the two years of Covid lockdown and then lost the meeting place.  I heard they had found a new place but it's quite a ways from where I live so I haven't been there since the move.  After 20 plus years of longarm work for others, I'm pretty much just doing my own and a few for my favorite customers.  This gives me time to pursue art quilts and to get back to painting fine art.  I was able to retire early so I looked for ways to use my art degree that would keep me busy and provide some play money for my own projects.  Too often I was so busy with other people's quilts that I didn't have time for my own.  Now I have that time, I'm a bit jealous of sharing it.  You probably feel the same way.

    I'll check in to see when you're scheduled and if I can, I'll stop by to say hello.

    Good luck - Jean

    1. Peggy Holt

      Peggy Holt

      Hi Jean,  I just found this!

      You are correct: not a lot of customer work any more.  The business seems to be "retiring" of its own volition.  That's fine with me.  Like you, I am concentrating on my art quilts and teaching classes.  At this end of my life, I am choosing to do things that bring me joy!

      Hope to see you.  The meeting is March 18th.

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