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  1. Joy - just wanted to let you know you won a ribbon at the Crossroads Harvest of Quilts today!

    You not only got first place in the Custom Machine Quilting category but you also got Judges Best of Show!

    I would have posted photos but i left my camera at the show, hopefully it will still be on the table when i get there in the morning! I will post photos late Sa...

  2. Amigurumi is a type of crochet from Japan, basically it means "crochet doll" The main stitch when making Amigurumi is a single crochet, and is normally work in rounds instead of rows like a afghan would be. There are tons of free patterns available on the net.

    As for Manga it is a type of comic also from Japan. Manga tends to have very little color, normally just black and white drawi

  3. What is Amigurumi and Manga? I'm clueless.