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Feathered Circles

Jan 26 2014 10:10 AM | Suzanne Earley in How To Articles

The insides of feathered wreaths can be tricky to get consistent and symmetrical when stitching freehand. Several days ago, someone posted about troubles with the insides of wreaths, and I promised to put together a post with my tips for easing the fru...

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Dividing up oddball spaces for quilting

Jan 09 2014 06:00 AM | Suzanne Earley in How To Articles

Have a block or sashing that's an odd size and won't divide up easily? Here's an easy trick!

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Frogging 101

Jan 04 2014 11:04 AM | Suzanne Earley in How To Articles

frog (frôg, frŏg) verb: to take out stitches from a quilt top. named for the sound a frog makes: rip-it, rip-it, rip-it

It's a fact of life: if you are a machine quilter, you have had to frog some stitches. Maybe lots of stitches. Maybe an entire quilt full of stitches. Having to do some heavy frogging over the weekend, I got to thinking about the Art of Frogging, and thought I'd share some of my tips and tricks for successful frogging. Unfortunately, these pearls of wisdom have been gained over a long and unfortunate career of having to frog an awful lot of stitches.

No matter what you call it -- frogging, ripping, unsewing -- the chore is an unpleasant (but occasionally necessary) undertaking. Before you get started with your frogging, though, you need to ask yourself a question.

(This article was originally posted in 2008. The original photographic illustrations are all gone, and I've updated to the text to remove references to images. I will try to add some images back in eventually....)

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Quilt as Desired Exhibit

Feb 26 2013 11:05 AM | Jo Ann Gruber in News

This is a piece that has been quilted by Wilma Cogliantry for the "Quilt as Desired Exhibit".

This exhibit features twenty-four (24) vintage quilts that have been longarm-machine quilted by various quilters including Sue Patten, Jamie Wallen, Karen McTavish, DeLoa Jones and Pat Barry. This exhibit will debut at the Spring Show in Lancaster, PA, and is scheduled to travel the country for two years.

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Site Updates, February 16, 2013

Feb 16 2013 10:54 AM | Suzanne Earley in Site Announcements

I have spent the morning applying some upgrades and patches to the forum software. I don't know if it will fix the performance issues we have been having. If not, I have another idea, but it's not a sipmle fix. As far as I can tell, the forum itself i...

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Site Maintenance, Sunday night after 9PM

May 27 2012 12:16 PM | Suzanne Earley in News

I will be taking MQResource offline tonight at around 9PM (Central Daylight Time) to try to resolve some of the ongoing issues that have been plaguing the site for the past few weeks and months. I will be around during the day tomorrow to continue wor...

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Slow site issues

Mar 29 2012 08:45 PM | Suzanne Earley in Site Announcements

MQResource was moved to a new server earlier in the week, and unfortunately, it hasn't been completely smooth sailing. There are some errors cropping up that I need to deal with (that mostly affect older articles and posts, so this issue is on a b...

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Site Upgrade Update

Dec 29 2011 03:25 PM | Suzanne Earley in Site Announcements

The upgrade itself is complete, there are a few issues I'm still trying to track down (a list is here) and there are a number of cosmetic things I need to change or fix, but as far as I know, the main functionality is all available. If you have any...

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Site Maintenance planned for tomorrow

Dec 28 2011 08:10 PM | Suzanne Earley in Site Announcements

I'm sorry about the last-minute nature of this, but it wasn't until just today that it occurred to me that while I'm on my vacation from my day job, I ought to be doing some maintenance here at MQR. We are LONG overdue for some upgrades to...

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Friends of MQR -- New Membership subscription

Jul 14 2011 12:05 PM | Suzanne Earley in Site Announcements

I have decided to rethink the paid membership situation at MQResource, and wanted to let everyone know what the new plan is going to be. We originally started the premier membership as an easy way for people to help contribute to the costs of the site...

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