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  1. I love the pieces you showed you cut with your laser.  That looks like a fun tool (toy ).  I bought a similar product and painted it.  Not nearly as nice as yours, but it was fun.  Yours are too pretty to paint.  What kind of wood do you use?  

    Here's my painted piece: 



  2. Jo Ann, I left the bag pattern name and where to buy it on the Aug. 2 question of the week.  Linda had asked for it too, so It's available to anyone who wants it.  

  3. Jo Ann I am so sorry for the damage to your home but am thankful you and your loved ones are OK.  Please be careful and God Bless.

  4. Jo Ann Gruber

    Jo Ann Gruber

    Here are some of my clients' quilts...
  5. Floy, As Karen indicated, there is a "Follow this topic" button at the top of each page. If you do find it necessary to pin something you find here at MQR on Pinterest, we kindly ask that you make sure credit is given to the individual who posted the photograph as a courtesy.
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