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  1. I know this is 4 years late but thought you might want to see the free plaid quilt here: 


    might be nice to make a lap quilt if you have any scraps left...If you got to make one. 

    I downloaded it but don't have time. Probably never get to it. Denby


    1. Iowa Judy

      Iowa Judy

      HA HA!  Thanks for the link/idea!  I will download it too.  Thanks for thinking of my request - oh so long ago!  How on earth did you remember?  Judy

    2. icluesew


      I was interested in the idea at the time and thought it would be cool. It sounded like you thought it was and that I would too. I never ran into anything I thought was nice until now. I looked up plaid quilt on the forum to see if you had found anything and figured it was good for ideas for you. 

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