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  1. Ok, I can't help myself. I would love to have it! Not in a hurry....just whenever you get to it. 

    Thanks so much! Denby

    Denby Smith

    P.O.BOX 3971

    Mansfield, Ohio 44907

  2. I know this is 4 years late but thought you might want to see the free plaid quilt here: 


    might be nice to make a lap quilt if you have any scraps left...If you got to make one. 

    I downloaded it but don't have time. Probably never get to it. Denby


    1. Iowa Judy

      Iowa Judy

      HA HA!  Thanks for the link/idea!  I will download it too.  Thanks for thinking of my request - oh so long ago!  How on earth did you remember?  Judy

    2. icluesew


      I was interested in the idea at the time and thought it would be cool. It sounded like you thought it was and that I would too. I never ran into anything I thought was nice until now. I looked up plaid quilt on the forum to see if you had found anything and figured it was good for ideas for you. 

  3. thanks..I finally took the time and it nice to see it appear. I like seeing the other people. Denby

  4. How nice to see a photo of your smiling face!!

  5. Hi! I was looking through past photos yesterday and saw your BEAUTIFUL purple whole cloth. (and read about your finger - OUCH)

  6. Hello, thanks for the tip about the Baptist Fan boards. Denby

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