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Question of the Week -- April 2, 2017

Good morning!
Welcome to the start of a new week and a new month!

This week's questions are going to be quick and easy for you...

Do you use pantograph designs (digital or paper) in your quilting? What are your top three favorite designs to use on your quilt or your customers' quilts? What was the last design that you purchased?

Please take a moment to share your answers in the forum with us. Take care and a have a wonderful week.
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Apr 02 2017 09:23 AM

Probably my most used panto is Square Spiral (I think it's a Dave Hudson design?).   I get a fair amount of t-shirt quilts to do, and they almost always get Square Spiral.  It's a great gender-neutral pattern with no backtracking.  It gives great texture, and does not detract from the t-shirts.


I'm not in the studio right now, but when I go there later today I'll double check the names of other favorite pantos.  With so many names being quite similar, I want to be sure I'm telling you the correct names.


I'll be interested to see everyone's Top Three.

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Just used Happy Times on four of my own quilts.  Delicate Vine by Digitech.  Willi-Nilli at My Creative Stitches. 

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I use digital pantos and I honestly can't tell you my favorite design, because it depends on the quilt. Some quilts need texture and or movement and some do better with something that has motifs. 


I like Kindling - https://www.urbanele...m/kindling.html for Fancy Forest quilts and some guy quilts.


I like Toss up - https://www.urbanele...cat=0&q=toss up for playful, girly quilts


Moderns Squares - https://www.urbanele...rn-squares.html - for some contemporary or mid-century modern quilts 


Variety - https://annebrightde...duct/variety-3/ for things on the more formal or traditional side


Baptist fan for traditional and modern quilts


And just so many others. 


The last one I used was Drunken Feathers -https://www.urbanele...-feathers.html 

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Pantos, first in paper, and now digital, are my favorite things to do.  Quick, easy, don't have to think about what goes where, and, if you're in it for the business, the biggest money-makers.  Probably my three most popular were Bubbles by Apricot Moon, Waterworld Attached File  Waterworld.jpg   94.7KB   0 downloads
by Willow Leaf Studios, and Abundant Feathers by Three Sisters.


My most recent purchase was two new patterns by Bethanne Nemesh, available at Digitech Designs.  I got Modern Snowglobes 1 and Modern U Turn Meander.

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Lemon Tree Tami
Apr 02 2017 12:17 PM

I use digital pantographs and a lot of my clients tend to like the modern aesthetic so the top three seem to be:

Modern Loops by Anita Shackelford

Modern Curves by Anita Shackelford

Baptist Fans by Jessica Schick  ... although a new favorite is the Rainbow Hearts by Keryn Emmerson where I cut out the hearts (It's a double arc clamshell that stitches beautifully .. I may try adding back other design elements in place of the hearts.)


The last pantograph I bought was Retro Revolution Sashing that I used for an allover pattern. 


So far no one wants one of the allover feather patterns. I may use one of them on the quilt that I'm making for my mom just so that I can showcase it on my Instagram account. 

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Lemon Tree Tami
Apr 02 2017 12:18 PM

Oooh, I'm going to have to get that Modern U-turn Meaner one ... I bet my clients would LOVE that one too.

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Oooh, I'm going to have to get that Modern U-turn Meaner one ... I bet my clients would LOVE that one too.

I thought this would be very versatile.  Some folks might like it larger for an all-over meander, but it would make a great background fill as well.

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I RARELY use a panto (like 3 or 4/year), when I do it's hand guided - so a paper panto.


The pantos that I do use are Square Spiral, Forest Floor and a Baptist Fan panto, and Modern Maze 2.  I've got others, but haven't used them in years. I find freehand to be quicker and thus less annoying....but sometimes a panto is just the thing (no thinking required).

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I love Pantos and I love shopping for them. I have a PantoVision system so I use a digital pantograph but its hand guided. (you follow a pattern with a cursor on a tablet.) my only issue? they mesmerize me and I get sleepy!   My favorite right now is Labyrinth by Jodi Beamish

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I only use paper pantos, hand guided, no computer here.  My favorites are Briar Rose, Happy Times,  Hoops (aka Treasures of Buddha.  This is the interlocking circles.  I have a pattern board for this.), Double Bubble (also a pattern board), Winter Wonderland, Enchanted.  That's six favorites, out of over a hundred patterns. 

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I think I've used the simple "Sea Swirl" from My Creative Stitches the most out of all my pantos.  I nudge it over so it doesn't look so linear like the photo, though.


My latest purchase was Bethanne's Feather Grande.


What a great resource this thread is becoming...thanks for asking the question, Jo Ann!

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Helen Baczynski
Apr 03 2017 07:49 AM

I use digital pantos and am another Happy Times (Lorien quilting) fan. I also use Lorien's Bubbles quite a lot.

From Deb Geissler, I like Deb's Swirls.

From Vicki Malaski, I like 30's flowers.

Those are probably the ones I've used the most but I am trying to make myself use all the pantos I've purchased over the years.

If I have a quilt with a plain backing, I like to use a design with some interest, like Judy Lyon's pictographs (from Legacy quilting in digital form, paper from Meadowlyon.com), so that the back is attractive too.
The last panto I bought was Leaves in the Stream from It's a Quilt Thing - it quilted out well.


I hadn't seen modern snow globes or modern meander before so thank you for mentioning them, Linda.  Both must be quite dense on our smaller throated machines, but they look interesting. I bet snow globes takes a long time to stitch out.

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I use paper pantos - most often used are Pretty Paisley from Beany Girl, Forest Floor, and Square Spiral.  I try to switch it up a lot as I get bored doing the same one over and over.

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Funny you should ask, these 4 new pantos just arrived. I should add it's because of this forum I "had" to get a couple of them!🙄
I do like panto they are quick and easy to use on charity or baby quilts. If I was a better freehander I guess I wouldn't need panto. However I do think using them helps with my free hand quilting, both in the actually motion memory and just thinking how to connect different elements together.

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