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WIP Wednesday Post -- May 3, 2017

Good morning!
It's Wednesday and time for our weekly WIP update.

I've been busy this past week, but I don't seem to have much to show for my efforts yet. I did finish a huge quilt for a customer, and I picked up a few flats of annuals. Still too cold to leave them out overnight, so I have been hauling them in at night and out in the morning. I still need to pick up some geraniums and African daisies for my buckets. I taught back-to-back classes on Saturday, too. I purchased a few wall cabinets this weekend, and my husband is working on creating a top for them for a cutting station in my studio.

Your turn!
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Working to finish a high school graduation quilt for a grandson.  Have started Christmas quilts for my 2 daughters made with handkerchiefs which belonged to their grandmother and a couple of great aunts.  I have the blocks completed for those.  Have a charity top finished which needs to be quilted.  Finishing up the binding on one of two t-shirt memorial wall hangings.  I am down to about 4 tops in the to be quilted pile.  I have never had all my tops quilted since I started quilting.  Guess I should quit piecing so much!

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gosh, it's wednesday already.


I got really close to getting all my April Queue done in April, but not quite.  About 6 hours of quilting left---and it will probably be Friday before I get there, so I'm once again, starting a months queue about a week late.  Luckily I haven't overbooked for May as I did for April, so maybe I can catch up, but it might be hard, as we have a Grade 12 graduation, and my brother and SIL are expecting any minute now, so then there will be trips to see the new baby (they only live about 1 hr away, so I can daytrip easily).


I haven't been able to do any piecing for myself in what feels like forever.  I did get the next two steps of Bonnie Hunter's En Provence cut out, so it's just a matter of sitting to sew, but still, hard to manage that time, for me, just now.


And, I'm having struggles with my 15yo, he's not doing well in school this semester, having a hard time dragging himself away from napping and his phone (texting the girlfriend) to get his homework done.   We've been trying to let him get it figured out himself, because, growing up and learning to do things on your own, but I've decided today I'm done with reminders and strategies--tonight he loses his phone and maybe even his mattress** until he can show me the homework is done.


**not sure this will accomplish anything--he's slept on the bare boards of his bed before, too tired/lazy to climb to the top bunk when I'd pulled the mattress from the bottom bunk to another room for a guest.


I did  get my desk cleared off this week, taxes filed personally and ready to go for the business.  And month end books for the church are nearly done. 


Please show me some great quilts. 

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May 03 2017 11:39 AM

I'm with Michelle.  This is how I feel.


Attached File  March cartoon.jpg   64.9KB   1 downloads


Veil is done except for attaching the "veily" part.  That might be important, but it shouldn't take more than an evening.


Been practicing my watermelon carving for the reception.  Actually that implies that I have already done it in the past and am just refining my skills ... NOT!  Dd#2 wants a watermelon boat or two, but I wanted something a little bit more than the "shark" teeth edge.  Googled and found this.  This is my second attempt.  It will actually have leaves all over the bottom and will be a full size watermelon.  And it will have cookie cutter pineapple flowers tooth picked to it.


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Dd#1 gave me her vegetable carving tools so the next one should look lots better.

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I've not been doing any quilty things lately.  My master bath renovation, paid work and yard work have been taking up my time.  The demolition is completely done and the cement board is installed on the floor.  I received the shipment of Carrera Marble tile and the Steam Shower unit.  Next up for this weekend is the new electrical (220v) and plumbing rerouting for the shower unit.  And if I have the time and energy, I'll try to tackle the drywall work, too.

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Wow, the weeks sure do fly by! Very wonderful watermelon, Robin! You always make such cool and creative stuff!!


A little while ago I bought a quilting mystery box and included with a bunch of fat quarters and some thread were 3 Jelly Clips for purses. I made purses with two of the clips and still have the largest clip to use. These are something that I never would have bought on my own, so it was fun to play with something new:


Attached File  IMG_2599_1.JPG   1.11MB   0 downloads


I also started making a small bag (Cell Phone/Camera Case & Wallet from ByAnnie) for one of my sisters. I had made one for my other sister and this sister requested one when she saw it. I'm only about halfway through on this one. The first one was a breeze, but for some reason the fabric for this one has been causing me problems. But I will win in the end!!


I've also pulled out my project from Laura Wasilowski's Craftsy class. I started it a long time ago and it's just been sitting in my hand embroidery bag. When I pulled out the bag for something else, I figured I'd better finish this one first. I'm almost done with the hand embroidery step now:


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I think I just need to put some French knots in the centers of the flowers and then I'll be able to move on to the quilting.



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Helen Baczynski
May 03 2017 01:12 PM

Wow - everyone's been so busy!


I'm still working on my niece's quilt. There have been a few days when I haven't touched it because the weather's been good so I've been outside - grass to cut, weeds to pull. 

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I have been picking up steam on the Carpenters star. I was thrilled this week to see the bottom floated edge OFF THE FLOOR! That means I am over halfway. No more decisions to make. I am awaiting a larger ruler for curved cross hatching from Jamie Wallen. I have confirmation the order has shipped. (I got a smaller and med too...) I can keep going on the rest and do those blocks last. It is not perfect, but I really like the overall look. 


Hoping to keep moving forward on that and also log a few hours on Miss CrabCakes. She is longing for some attention!


My DH is out of town, I have lots of leftovers, so lots of quilty time. My ankle still swells as the day goes on, but I am able to do most everything if I take time out to rest in between. Not a bad idea anyway!

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I have the base for my art quilt about done and will begin on the appliqued figures next (after I draw them).  The second art quilt is still in my head, but I'll be doing some drawings there soon too.  Both have to be done no later than June 10th and I like to have a little leeway in case I see something I want to change.  The weather is warm and dry (for a day or two), so I've been doing a little yard work too.  Flowers are calling me, so may have to buy at least a few before too long.  Still some cold nights forecast, so I've been hesitant to make the plant plunge.


Thanks for sharing your projects Nancy.  They look like fun!  Robin, keep up the creativity!  Good for morale.


Michelle, I can commiserate completely.  My son was one of those and I'm not sure he's gotten any better with time.  He's on his own now, so he's in charge.

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May 03 2017 02:22 PM
i am still at my sister's.  there has been wind and rain and chill...so absolutely nothing has been done at the Duck.  but i have been sewing.....1 top as been pieced .... my 3 canada women blocks have been pieced....and i am working on hand applique on the April Buttermilk Basin block. tomorrow we go back to her other house to prepare for a huge book sale on friday. saturday i should head for home.....if the highways are open. there is so much rain that lots of roads are closed.
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Robin, your watermelon boat looks great.  If that is only your 2nd attempt and without the right tools I am sure the ones you finally do for your DD reception will be spectacular.  


Nancy, really like the little bags you did.  And also  your little house on the hill is so whimsical.  Looks like a fun little project.


I just loaded a client quilt on the rack this weekend.  I have the top borders done.  Ignoring the piano key piecing (except to use some of the keys for my ruler spacing) and am doing this Quilted Pineapple inspired quilting.  The center of the quilt also has a border done with the same gradation piano keys set on point surrounding some 4 patch posie blocks.  I will be doing this same thing in that as well.  I was a bit hesitant to use a cotton candy pink thread on it but I think it is working without overpowering.  The dark green outer border is a Sue Heinz design.  Loved finally being able to use my bright lime green thread.


Attached File  DSC06129.JPG   178.21KB   3 downloads

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Lots of pretty projects to look at here today.  I finished quilting a client's quilt - it was fairly large and she had used burlap for the sashings and border.  So it was unique and a new experience for me, but it turned out well and looks good.  I will try to get some pictures and post them in the Final Project forum later.  Next up is a t-shirt quilt for graduation.  

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Jane, that is one cool border.  Yay, Beth for making progress  on your Carpenter's star.  Jean, I'm looking forward to seeing your art quilts.  Super cute projects, Nancy.  Michelle, all of my sympathies.  There is nothing odder in the world than a teenage boy.  So glad those days are past for me.  And all of you who are out in your gardens -- good for you.  That is one thing I do detest doing but love to see the efforts of others.


I just finished stitching in the ditch on a king sized DWR.  Ugh.  Now I can go bacl and do the fun stuff.

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Helen Baczynski
May 03 2017 06:02 PM

That's beautiful, Jane!

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I finished quilting 4 more quilts for the kids camp. I pieced one of them. I did the stipple panto on 3 of them cause I was out of time.I took more time with the one I liked the most. 


Jane, that is an outstanding border!


Beth, I would love see the Carpenter Star when quilted and of course Miss Crabcakes, someday. 

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May 03 2017 09:37 PM

I just love WIP Wed. So much talent in this group. TerryR's building skills, too. Thank you all for sharing.

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Nothing quilty here today. First nice day we've had since before winter. Moved the horses to nicer grass, mowed the lawn for the first time this year ( it was only a foot and a half tall) seriously had to get the field mower to do the first cutting, did the weed eater around the porch, worked on taking the winter yuck out of the pond, did a very little weeding and least you think I worked to hard, don't every hour or so I go up to the shop where my hubby is and drink a Diet Pepsi or eat a frozen yogurt bar or just sit and visit! That's old people do!
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May 03 2017 10:30 PM
Wow! I think we all rock!! I mean seriously we are an amazing group! Love reading what everyone is up to. And there's some great projects going on. Love that border Jane.

I've got this bless her heart quilt on the frame. It looks pretty awesome from a distance until you get up close and notice the wonky piecing.

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This is my BOM from TQS. I'm actually not speedy enough to have completed all of May already. When
instructions were first posted in April they had month 4 and 5 up so I printed out both and did all of it in April. Those geese got a little tedious by the time I got to the last ones so I'm really glad they
are all finished!


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I love the BOM Peg! Tedious! I'll say! I get tired of doing a block more than once! I have to bribe myself- do another of THOSE blocks and you can do one of the fancy corner blocks!


Joy, I think you have your work cut out for you....at least the colors are pretty! Can't wait to see it in all its quilty glory...


Jane, that border is wonderful! I think I will try something similar on my husbands quilt...which is WAYYYY overdue!

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Proud Military Mom
May 04 2017 06:56 AM
Great eye candy! I see everyone is busy. I can't believe May is already here.
Early April my CQ started malfunctioning so a large part of April was spent on the phone with my service guy trying to diagnose the problem, and second get the piece delivered and installed. Compuquilter closed so getting parts can be hard. My service got the part and shipped it to me overnight so hubby and I could install it. We did and it seemed to work at first, but then it started acting up. It has been very stressful. It happened at a time when I have many pantos requests. It seems to be working finally and I am working on my pants requests.

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lovely eye candy everyone.  thanks for fulfilling my 'quilty' needs. 

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Helen Hubert
May 04 2017 11:03 AM

I started quilting a black/white/bright sampler yesterday.  I'm working on the black zones first, then I'll change over to a light grey thread and do all the bright areas.  More exciting to me was picking the first seven spears of asparagus.  :dance:


Attached File  20170503_152815.jpg   239.16KB   0 downloads


Attached File  20170503_162642.jpg   245.76KB   0 downloads

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Vicki in MN
May 04 2017 06:45 PM

What great eye candy you all have!!  I didn't take time for pictures, but I have been quilting up a storm in the last couple weeks I have quilted a dozen table runners and a few charity quilts.  None of them have their binding-that's next week. A friend is coming to stay for a few days so we can have a cheap quilt retreat at my house!

I ordered another Koala chair to use at my computer(at my DH's suggestion). I was so excited as it arrived today, putting it together tonight we see 3 of the legs are scratched up and there is a flaw in the fabric of the seat back...grrrr.  The online store will be getting a call tomorrow. 

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Lots of delicious inspiration this week, Ladies!!  Thanks for sharing all your pretties!!  


Love the watermelon, Robin; Love the fancy border & those wild thread colors, Jane O.; love those teeny-tiny geese, Peg, (however, I would have not liked doing them!) Love the black & lime on that one, Helen & the nice definition you're getting.  Be sure to share what batting you're using please?


Hated to hear about troubles with teenagers & computers acting up though!!   I hope they both behave themselves from now on!


I'm working on quilting on a Christmas panel at the moment...just have to turn it to do that last two borders.  I'm enjoying the process.  Learned a few new things about crosshatching with my Mach3.


Attached File  DSC_3512.JPG   262.32KB   0 downloads


Also trying to fit some project from a class with Gyleen Fitzgerald onto another panel.  It is NOT working & I'm about to give up!  Very frustrating.  I HATE "Y" SEAMS!!  

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