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  1. Day 4 of Crest Whitestrips. Mark and I are doing them together, he didn't want me to have whiter teeth without him. My top strip didn't want to come off tonight, they are pretty gross when they do come out, and I sure hope they are working. I think they are. At least, that's what I'm telling myself...

  2. Mark made the call to cancel our landline service (he's going to transfer the home phone number to his cell phone). I just spilled kool-aid on the home phone/answering machine and killed it. Good timing!

  3. Will and Joe are no longer the only 12 year olds left without cell phones. Mom and Dad finally broke down. Yes, just before Christmas we were still holding out, but we made some other changes to phone/Internet/etc...and were able to feel like we aren't breaking the bank...

  4. Will to Joe: "What's your problem?"Mom to both: "He's a 12 year old boy, that's the problem with both of you."Will to me: "At least we aren't 12 year girls."Mom and Dad to each other: "That is not a lie..."

  5. :( Now Joe's got the stomach bug. Poor guy.

  6. We recovered from the stomach bug last week, and now? The head cold has arrived. Ugh.

  7. Our pots and pans have been showing their age for some time, but I haven't been able to pick a new set. Finally got something tonight when we were at Sam's Club, but I just realized something: Mark is going to expect me to cook tomorrow...

  8. Well, snap. Will's got the bug. Pretty sure I've got it too. I must have tempted the fates one of those times when I said "I can't believe I haven't gotten sick after being around all these kids and their germs."

  9. Thankfully, Mark is human again today. Weak, but alive. Plus the boys are gone to an Honor Band thing today, so it's nice and quiet.

  10. So far it only seems to be Mark that has caught the nasty stomach bug. We are going to have to call a do-over on his birthday. Poor guy.

  11. No school! Unfortunately it means we'll be stuck at home with Mark who is sick as a dog. On the plus side, I can start working on Chloe's baby quilt!

  12. I took a nap this afternoon, it felt like the right thing to do at the time, but now that it's bedtime? I'm not sure I'll be able to fall asleep. Blergh.

  13. I made the boys sit together on the couch, so I could take an "after" haircut picture. Their immediate concern was "where are you going to post this?" UH, everywhere, of course???

  14. Will and Joe's team won 28-18 last night! Their reward? They have haircuts this morning...better go start the process of waking them up...

  15. After the craptastic day I had, the fact that we are having a 2 hour delay tomorrow has probably made me happier than it made the boys...

  16. The wind has been blowing, it will be interesting to see what this storm amounts to. The weather has been SO unusual!

  17. Just spent the evening at our friends' new house. I have new house envy.

  18. Mark just found Airplane! on Netflix. Guess what the boys are watching tonight?

  19. You know you are tired when: you have a cracker in one hand and a camera memory card in the other, and you almost stick the memory card in your mouth.

  20. Joe just said "I feel like I might throw up." I said "OK, here's a bucket. Go to bed and aim for the bucket if you actually vomit."

  21. One last day of vacation -- what to do? What to do? Read? Knit? Nap?

  22. Will and Joe are setting new personal records. Noon on New Year's Day and they are still in bed. Tuesday morning, when they have to get up at 5:45 for basketball practice is going to hurt.

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    From the album: Suzanne's Test