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  1. St Mary's quilt show last weekend.

  2. I saw my first one yesterday at the feeder. It ate and are at the feeder. Haven't seen it since.

  3. Trying to figure out what I bought in February for Paradise in Bloom. Argh! I wrote fabrics in...but still so many blanks in my notebook. I thought I had all my major players. This is going to take a while to figure out what I have and what I need.

  4. Gizzy is so much better during thunderstorms. He used to be so scared and wildky out of control. Now he can feel somewhat secure in my lap. But he's trembling so hard!

  5. Double tournaments today. I'm dragging. Next few weekends are booked with activities too. Only about 30 days more school then summer break!

  6. She's pleating on a beautiful vintage machine, rigged up to keep on pleating hands free. Comments say they have a ribbon awards business. Love seeing that machine in action!

  7. Me during tv time at night!

  8. Pat, I think I would take your snow over the stiffling humidity here.

  9. Some my friends might like.

  10. Phase 1 done... easy this morning as he is sick (pollen) and said I'm going back to bed... too bad I can't do that. Now on to Phase 2 and then it's me for Phase 3 and a day of sewing fun - woohoo!

  11. It's been nice enjoying a little quiet coffee time...but sleeping would have been nicer LOL! Hubby's alarm went off @ 6AM on the one and only day off w/o work or errands since when? And he's gone again next week...and I'm gone the next. Wish I could go back to sleep after something wakes me but I just cant.... Looks to be a gorgeous day today and we WILL be outdoors enjoying. I know we aren't typical... DVR for the game (shhhh I like the commercials LOL).

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