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  1. Errand day on top of rain and wind chill in the 20's. Bus run by car at 630 due to rain never hits my want to do list lol! Ortho, dentists... Still sitting and waiting plus more on the list....ugh

  2. I don't know who is happier. Me because I'm in the studio or the Kitties cause I'm home and in the warm and cozy studio...

  3. Cable guy found the problem pretty fast.... Neighbors had a new phone line installed and they CUT the line going to our house from the common equipment. He's having to lay new line....

  4. So happy that internet and tv cable should be restored this evening! 4 wk check up for my knee. I'm not pleased, still swelling, pain and gimping...hope I get something encouraging from the doc that this is going to get better. And no rain today Woohoo!

  5. Silence.... I forgot that I listen to music from cable tv in my studio.

  6. I don't have to rush out the door for an early appt. today Yippee! But I had planned on working on taxes, bills...and entire cable, phone, internet was down when I got home yesterday evening. They can't get out till Thursday afternoon. Thankfull I have a cell phone that I can read email from. I just don't pay bills etc from my phone. And many sites are difficult to navigate. Do you bank with your phone?

  7. Happy to report I climbed the stairs with full range of motion on my knee. Holding on with both hands and SLOW but I did it - woohoo! Quilted up a client quilt AND got out my UFO Desert Sky and worked on that a little last night. Ahhhh, now it feels a little more like my life again.

  8. So grateful to be home for a few hours this morning, time to enjoy a few cups of coffee and keep my knee propped up. Still have things on the agenda today... but won't have to stand for 10 hours unboxing, washing, sorting, putting away. My knee needs this break!

  9. YEAH! You would know the last kitchen box would have the silverware in it. Basics for bed, bath and kitchen are done at mom's. And I'm exhausted....

  10. Happy New Year! The rain continued from yesterday into the night but it sure did not stop the fireworks around my house, just stopped me from being able to sit in my own wet chairs and watch LOL. Lots of unpacking for my mother on the agenda today and maybe our first meal prepared there - she's excited!

  11. Loving this rainy, lazy morning!

  12. I just dropped the gallon of milk in the driveway and it exploded. All over my legs, shoes. Yuck! And no milk for the boys....

  13. Wanted to take more Advil.and can't remember if I took it! Guess I just have to wait 30 more minutes and see if I'm worse or better.... That's sad LOL.

  14. 8 minutes remaining...and now I could sleep!

  15. Scared myself with my own shadow this morning LOL!

  16. Not sure if I can blame Kadie yet...but I can't find my glasses. And yes I checked on top of my head. I've got an old pair on which seem to be not so bad...till I tried to thread a needle!

  17. I am at a complete stop and watching tv, some house hunter show and they are in Knoxville! Drinking in the scenic views.

  18. Another aspect to Isaac. Calling around to inquire on insurance rates prior to renewal for house and cars. Seems some may not be writing new policies - depends on what happens with Isaac!

  19. I'm so glad on top of everything else, I don't have to deal with decorating a locker. One mom and daughter at open house last night were decorating her locker with fabric of some kind or paper on the walls in a loud print, and a little chandelier hanging from the top as we walked by. Is this common that girls do this?

  20. Happy Anniversay! Looking forward to celebrating with you tonight

  21. Good response from my 13 yr old about my cake. Aww that's gross and awesome! green jello cake...

  22. Awesome dinner tonight. Had Mick with me at grocery today. Sampled 3 entree's and one soup that Mick said I had to make..... Soup was my favorite and the sauce/base came from a jar! plus a Chicken dish for dinner ... YUMMMMM delish!

  23. I have the entire day. No appts on the schedule, not even for the evening, summer Swim and Study (2 different nights) for the boys is OVER. Leftovers for lunch and a simple dinner is planned. I have a customer quilt and 2 charity quilts waiting plus I have not touched my Bali since the last workshop - maybe a month ago? Geesh my rotary cutter was still in my travel bag the other day! But today, I MUST deal with paperwork and filing. Plus the bottom is falling out of my cherry 2 dr...

  24. Crazy hot. 88 with heat index of 103. I'm ready for much cooler weather.

  25. I baked some potatoes tonight, plain and just on the rack... Was sort of on hold waiting for hubby to come home and had re-set the timer on the oven. Shortly after, heard a loud noise. One of the potatoes EXPLODED all inside my oven! What a mess... guess I won't do that again LOL!

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