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  1. Susan Cleveland.."piping hot curves" fame was speaker tonight. Not only awesome quilts....but she was funny too!

  2. 2 hrs at dentist office with the boys and no hand work prepared. Already read everything in the office.

  3. Something that does not happen often in my backyard...breeze and humidity below 50%. Gosh it feels so nice outside!

  4. Oh my gosh! I just sat down to relieve the stress in my neck (issues since the long drive to S.Texas - I need a chiropractor), went to scoop up my hair like putting it in a pony tail and pull it to one side over my shoulder. Whoops! It scooped... then ended! No hair to move out of the way LOL!

  5. 105* in this parking lot...waiting for Mick to reurn from camping at LBJ lake

  6. Can you believe that July is almost over?!

  7. Driving 30 minutes each way to get to a doc on your plan...when a good one a family member goes to is 5 minutes from your own driveway....

  8. We have finally had a few days without rain. Cleaned patio and smoking a brisquet. 92* with 103* heat index....why am I sitting outside?

  9. After a long debate with myself...I'm staying home and working on the frame. I got all the remaining components 1/2 completed for my Bali quilt at our workshop yesterday. Woohoo! Would love to go to sew-in today and finish those little oval units...but this quilt on the frame is calling sweetly.

  10. Going to be a long difficult day... awake since 2AM and have to leave in 2 hours to drive to to my mothers for some Drs and errands. Gave in and having my coffee. The last visit was like this too. Hope it does not end with another major storm and no power in the city when I return like last time. Lately I've been getting a nice 6 hours of sleep too... till I have to do a road trip. Ugh.

  11. Service man is supposed to pick up my longarm this week for service so no quilting scheduled, he will keep it for about 3 days. Thinking I have the day cleared to work on my Bali Wedding Star. Comcast cable due to be here again 10-12.... but nothing else on my to do list. Hubby off to work, one still sleeping and one watching cartoons. Headed to my studio - woohoo!

  12. Can you believe it is 76*?! Really nice break from too hot too fast here this summer.

  13. 1st day for DH back to work....got only a few blocks from the house and the car stops working. Yep, the same one that the oil light came on for me 2 months in a row when I tried to go to quild meeting. It's had check engine and oil lights come on. DH had the diagnostics done and they said it was something whacky in the panel. Hmmmm maybe not. So far @ about $800 for voltage spike that took out the battery and alternator. Plus all my morning! At least I work from home and could deal...

  14. Home, my own coffee, feet up outdoors enjoying my time watching the birds and enjoying cook temps. Great getaway and a beautiful morning home.

  15. I'm so thankful...for this wonderful lazy day on the beach

  16. Wild winds! Very nice stretch of beach and hotel. Moon, ocean and pool view! Too bad I'm still enjoying the views alone....

  17. Comcast you are history! I'll gladly pay whatever the minimum requirement is to get them OUT of my life.... Geesh what do folks do that fall for their 2 years rates/contract? Now guess what.... they somehow ERASED all my future recordings. Not one show remains. And they are not user friendly to set up recordsing either.... UGH. Oh well, my gain. FIVE days of dealing with them this week alone... I'm done.

  18. Very exciting day, one son returns from a long week in TN @ CIY camp, another arrives in the wee hours of tonight/Monday from San Diego for a little fun in the sun! Very spur of the moment, pulled together event due to hubby's new job and what will be lack of days off for a long while. It's all working out!

  19. Time to get the little guy up for a hard days work shining shoes

  20. Comcast out 2 days ago for about 4 hours, yesterday about 4pm went out again and still no service. Tv works, no internet and phone. Oddly, could not get my wireless to work last night either but my resets worked this AM. We get so used to having our access!

  21. I can barely breath.....call back from someone that dh has had several interviews with. He said I've emailed and voice mailed....( he and mick are on the brazos river) I'm thinking its good news cause they don't bother with bad news....!!!

  22. lalalalalala..... No boys in the house. I can turn on any or all the lights, turn on the TV.... go upstairs to my sewing studio Yippee!

  23. High tomorrow of 103 with a heat index of 110.... and it's only JUNE.... gonna be a hot summer here. I'm not ready.

  24. Paper piecing....sew press trim and repeat. Afraid I'll mix up color sets so only one color set at a time. Boring! Maybe I need to live dangerously today and try 2 sets at a time lol!

  25. Going to attempt to make a slaw with celery root. Hubby was in the store a few days ago and a lady bought EVERY piece the store had so he started talking to her about it. He was in check out near her, after she checked out, she GAVE him one to try! She makes a dip but I found a recipe like a slaw and that's what I'm gonna try. Never have eaten this veggie - have you?

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