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  1. I meant "I didn't want to MISS the feathers class" Need to proof read better!

  2. Hi Linda, Are you in the feather bootcamp? I just got a Tin Lizzie 18LS last week and barely know how to work it but I didn't want to meet the feathers class. It really has helped me get going even if it will be awhile before I can do any feathers. Let me know when you will be in Madison visiting. I have a cousin in Memphis!

  3. Just wanted to say hello and what a small world it is. I live near Memphis but my daughter lives in Madison. Have been quilting for many years, but I need to start at the beginning and learn to stitch straight seams! Looking forward to learning feathers and anything else that will help me--and that includes a LOT!!!

  4. Thanks, but I DO need classes...you only saw the ONE that was partly good! LOL

  5. I checked out the pictures of your quilts....dosen't look like you need a feathers class! Beautiful job!

  6. I learned to quilt at a young age and have enjoyed it as an occassional hobby since. I recently retired and have pretty much become a full time quilter. I have just purchased a Tin Lizzie and am pretty new to Long Arm Quilting. I have been machine quilting for awhile and Hand Quilting for years. Looking forward to learning all that I can, and this looks like the place to do just that.

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