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    Longarm quilting; art quilts; mixed media; fiber arts; portrait quilts; thread painting; embellishments

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  1. Rebecca

    Sherry Shine

    Thank you so much for the very kind words!
  2. Linda, now I owe you and apology! I'm sorry I addressed my last PM to "Ramona" and not to "Linda".... No offense intended. I would have sent you a PM promptly after since I realized my error as soon as I clicked "send", but I am not allowed to send more than one PM per day, I guess! I will get the hang of things sometime, I guess! Take care, rebecca

  3. Linda, thanks for looking at my blog... I am in the process of moving it from the wordpress server to my website server so it's kind of in a state of limbo until I get it all figured out. I know just enough about web publishing to get me in trouble :)

  4. Rebecca, Tried going to your blog and I had some issues. I love the Tiger piece and the 3's and E's. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and ideas.

  5. Rebecca

    Rebecca's QIP

    Quilts in progress
  6. Rebecca

    Quilted by Rebecca

    These art quilts were created/designed by the artist cited under the picture, then sent to Rebecca for machine quilting and/or embellishment.
  7. Rebecca

    Rebecca's Art Quilts

    Art quilts created, embellished, and quilted by Rebecca
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